Active Mom Postpartum

CRISTINE AGRESTA- Mythbusting Running Shoes

October 20, 2023 Season 2 Episode 42
Active Mom Postpartum
CRISTINE AGRESTA- Mythbusting Running Shoes
Show Notes

Today I speak with Dr. Cristina Agresta, a physical therapist, Assistant Professor and sports medicine researcher. Her research focuses on developing assessment and monitoring techniques that improve clinical decision-making regarding athlete care and athletic performance. As a former runner, mom, clinician, and researcher, she offers a comprehensive perspective on the topic. 


We talk about all the common myths surrounding running shoes and give real, up-to-date advice! 


We talk about: 

-common running shoes choices 

-carbon plated running shoes 

-heel drop and stack height 

-the place for barefoot running 

-avoiding “right” and “wrong” 

-working in academia 

-foot size increasing after pregnancy 


Time Stamps 

1:00 introduction 

4:09 going wrong with running shoes 

9:45 prioritizing comfort 

13:01 explaining heel drop 

15:03 minimalist shoes and barefoot running 

23:40 bridging the gap from clinician to academia 

29:23 her experience pregnancy and postpartum 

38:25 practical advice for choosing a shoe 

43:00 rapid fire questions 










The University of Washington Doctor of Physical Therapy program is a top-notch graduate program that provides exceptional education and unique experiences for those interested becoming a PT ( We also have a number of post-professional residencies ( with a sports PT residency in the works! 

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