Active Mom Postpartum

ANNA DOWNS- Motherhood Movement Patterns

November 10, 2023 Season 2 Episode 45
Active Mom Postpartum
ANNA DOWNS- Motherhood Movement Patterns
Show Notes

Today I speak with Anna Downs, a specialist Pregnancy & Postpartum Movement Coach, Educator, Author and International Public Speaker. Her journey into this work began as a British Army Officer and an athlete with two tough pregnancies and deliveries, during which everything she knew about her body, health and fitness was challenged leaving her in the dark with how to manage to issues such as pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and Diastasis Recti. Her career taught her how to ignore pain signals, a valuable skill in the military but not really conducive to effective self-care. This led her on a path of education, self-discovery and ultimately, to supporting other parents-to-be in their informed and empowered journey into parenthood. She now lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand with her husband and two children. 


Anna shares how her transition into parenthood lead her to discover her vocation. Her goal is to support people to feel empowered and able to be advocate for themselves. She strongly believes that education is key and that no subject should be off limits. 


We talk about: 

-experience in the British military 

-damage during delivery 

-mental shifts needed for pregnancy 

-data and opinions about activity in pregnancy 

-realistic motherhood movement patterns 

-differences in pregnancies 

-journey of self-healing 

-advice for first-time moms 


Time Stamps 

1:00 introduction 

2:21 entering the military 

8:30 her birth experience 

12:01 navigating pregnancy as a military officer 

17:35 advice from physicians going into birth 

20:03 going from home birth to hospital 

23:35 first weeks postpartum and second pregnancy 

26:53 trying to heal leakage, diastasis recti, and prolapse 

34:01 recovery from second birth 

37:35 deciding to help others 

40:46 things to share in early pregnancy 

43:43 life in Thailand 

51:35 advice for moms 










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