Active Mom Postpartum

Season Finale: DANIELLE FRIEDMAN, author of Let's Get Physical

November 24, 2023 Season 2 Episode 47
Active Mom Postpartum
Season Finale: DANIELLE FRIEDMAN, author of Let's Get Physical
Show Notes

Today I speak with Danielle Friedman, an award-winning journalist and a regular contributor to The New York Times’ Well section, where she has written about everything from the joys of being a slow runner to the importance of pelvic floor conditioning. She is also the author of Let’s Get Physical: How Women Discovered Exercise and Reshaped the World, which was selected as a New Yorker and Amazon Best Book of 2022. She lives in New York City with her husband and their two young sons. 


She is a passionate believer in the ways that movement can benefit mental health and instill a sense of strength that extends beyond muscles and into other areas of our lives — and an advocate for making movement inclusive of and accessible to every body. Danielle is also a fierce advocate for speaking openly about women’s bodies and lived experiences, and de-stigmatizing areas of women’s health that have historically been considered too taboo for polite conversation. 


We talk about: 

-history of women’s fitness 

-leaders of the different fitness movements 

-exercising for joy 

-loosing control 

-the value of community 

-“back of the pack” athletes 

-exercise for mental health 


Time Stamps 

1:00 introduction 

2:02 beginning the research for her book 

7:40 the idea of a “good body” 

11:25 fitness going into pregnancy 

16:51 pregnancy loss and subsequent pregnancies 

21:21 transitioning to two kids 

24:20 the value of community 

33:40 biggest impacts and what’s next 

38:50 raising boys in a modern world 

43:35 rapid fire questions 










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