Active Mom Postpartum

2023 Top 5: #3 EMMA BROCKWELL & GRÁINNE DONNELLY: Return to Run Guidelines 4 years later

December 15, 2023 Season 2 Episode 50
Active Mom Postpartum
2023 Top 5: #3 EMMA BROCKWELL & GRÁINNE DONNELLY: Return to Run Guidelines 4 years later
Show Notes

Today I speak with Emma Brockwell and Gráinne Donnelly. Emma is a Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. She treats women of all ages with all women’s health related conditions. She is passionate about pre and postnatal rehabilitation and exercise. She specialises in supporting women back to exercise, particularly running, football and netball if they have any pelvic health dysfunction or are postnatal. She has co-authored the first ‘Returning to Running Postnatal Guidelines’ and has spoken about this subject at many medical and exercise conferences. Emma published her first book called ‘Why did no one tell me? How to protect, heal and nurture your body through motherhood.’ She now works privately and is the co-presenter of the podcast, At Your Cervix – the podcast. Alongside Grainne Donnelly and Helen McElroy she co-founded the Athletic Female an evidence based course aimed at healthcare, fitness and medical professionals who work with female athletes. 


Gráinne is an Advanced Physiotherapist specialising in pelvic health. She provides pelvic health clinics privately, educates health and fitness professionals about pelvic health and is currently developing her experience in the world of research and academia. She has recently published several papers on postpartum running and diastasis rectus abdominis. 

Her specialist interests are postpartum exercise, diastasis rectus abdominis and ultrasound imaging in pelvic health. 


We talk about: 

-the importance of 'readying' an athlete during pregnancy 

-future proof her pelvic health and prepare for motherhood and a return to sport 

-busting myth around exercise during pregnancy 

-how pelvic health physiotherapists are integral to all women's perinatal journeys 

-benefits of social media 


Time Stamps 

1:00 introduction 

3:50 intentions of exercise 

6:20 unexpected outcomes from guidelines 

18:10 interpreting guidelines for each patient 

24:05 discussing guidelines in pregnancy 

33:35 feedback from clinicians 

40:00 bridging the gap 

48:01 social media’s influence 

54:40 what’s next 











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