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2023 Top 5: #2 LAURA GREEN (@lauramcgreen): Everything’s Funny: Running, Motherhood, and Physical Therapy

December 22, 2023 Carrie
Active Mom Postpartum
2023 Top 5: #2 LAURA GREEN (@lauramcgreen): Everything’s Funny: Running, Motherhood, and Physical Therapy
Show Notes

Today I speak with Laura Green, a comedic content creator who loves to stand in front of people and tell jokes. Her brain is a hamster wheel of self deprecating humor focused on the run and fitness industry which she attempts to communicate via short videos and storytelling. She runs a lot. And she also naps a lot. Laura lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two young boys. We talk about Laura’s experiences postpartum and how she handled returning to run after each of her births. 

Laura tells us about working as a travel physical therapist and how she has now found a niche pointing out the humor in life, making people laugh on social media. If you’re ready for a good laugh, then this conversation is for you!

We talk about:

-pelvic floor physical therapy

-returning to run after baby

-working as a physical therapist

-identity as an athlete and mom 

-struggling postpartum

-starting slow with running postpartum

-finding the humor in motherhood and running

-asking for help

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

4:22 being a physical therapist and returning to run after baby

11:15 shifting identities

15:54 planning to get back to running

 23:00 differences between kids and pregnancies

25:10 finding humor in motherhood 

32:35 comedy on social media

38:41 being a working mom and PTA moms

43:10 advice to her past pregnant self








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