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Conscious Kink with Ms. Elle X

Ms. Elle X

Despite the fact that the terms "Dominant" and "submissive" have been exclusively labeled as BDSM-exclusive, these terms fundamentally refer to a spectrum of naturally occurring strengths, personality traits, and expressions that exist in every person and in every relationship structure. That's why in every episode, you will find mind-blowing insights, powerful wisdom, and practical advice for your unique relationship or dynamic, regardless of where you find yourself on the kink spectrum! So, if you want to learn how to leverage your natural Dominant or submissive personality for maximum personal expression and relational fulfillment, subscribe to this podcast wherever you listen so you'll never miss a life-changing episode! And if you love what you’re hearing or want to join Ms. Elle's Group Coaching session every month, go to! We look forward to welcoming you into the #ellexarmy!