Missions to Movements

Increase Your Email Open Rate & Clicks with 5 Expert Email Marketing Tips

September 21, 2022 Dana Snyder Episode 33
Missions to Movements
Increase Your Email Open Rate & Clicks with 5 Expert Email Marketing Tips
Show Notes

The average person receives over 100 emails a DAY! But what is it that gets you to open an email? Was it the juicy subject line? Was it because you trust that person? Or was there an urgency factor? 

Having strategies for your email marketing, acquisition and email design are so important, which is why I’ve tapped five of my favorite email marketing experts to share a quick fire tip with you. You’ll hear about the importance of personalization and why we need to avoid boring subject lines if we want our open rates to increase. 

A special thank you to Hannah Lipschutz, John Walsh, Patty Breech, Katelyn Baughan, and Christina Tzavaras Edwards for sharing their wisdom with us. Let’s get started!

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Where do you struggle with your email marketing efforts? Is it in the acquisition of getting new people on your email list? Is it in drafting the emails? Is it getting those open rates? Or do you have an incredible email story to share that everyone should hear? Drop me a note on LinkedIn or Instagram either way. I look forward to hearing from you.

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