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Notes to Our Younger Selves

Nico & Aundrey Page

Notes to Our Younger Selves explores the restorative nature of confronting ourselves, our trauma, and long withstanding wounds so that we can take ownership & accountability for how we’re showing up for ourselves and in our daily lives. Co-hosts Nico & Aundrey Page delve into different chapters of their lives by revisiting & reclaiming formative experiences through vulnerable storytelling, deep self-reflection, and sharing literature and text that’s been integral in their ongoing healing journey. Their perspective is informed by their identity as black men who have often shared the burden of being the only one in their classrooms, communities, and workplaces. They shed light on these experiences, their emotions, and shadow work they’ve done to reframe and regain their worth and sense of self. Their mission is to inspire, motivate, and create a community that’s invested in the pursuit of self-actualization, so that we can all unleash and share our gifts with the world from a place of authenticity and passion. The show is a mix of co-hosted episodes, as well solo shows hosted by Nico or Aundrey with select guest appearances & contributors. Join us on our journey to inspire, grow, and redefine human potential!