Elev8 Your Life

#150-Weekly Review

March 16, 2024 Sheryl Morley & Paul Kroto Episode 150
Elev8 Your Life
#150-Weekly Review
Show Notes

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Today is Weekly Review Saturday!

  1. Elev8Review.com
  2. Review The Changes That You Said You Would Make Last Week
  3. What Are Your 3 BIG Celebrations From The Past 7 Days?
  4. What Challenges Did You Have Over The Past 7 Days?
  5. What Changes Will You Make Over The Next 7 Days? (Update Your MAP)
  6. Elev8 2024 (go to Elev8YourLife.com)
  7. Review Your Life Score
  8. Review RPM page
  9. Check in every day to the Elev8 Tribe and we will help you Elev8 All 8 Areas

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