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The Mama Psychedelia Podcast


Mama Psychedelia is a platform to de-stigmatize the psychedelic nature of Motherhood. We celebrate stories of the role of ceremony, entheogenic allies, and the intuitive realms in every state of the parenting journey from pre-conception, postpartum, familial rites of healing and reconciliation, birth, death, and beyond.In each episode of the Mama Psychedelia podcast, we will explore and witness lived experiences of mothers, healers, birth keepers, and ceremonial facilitators. And in the process, open the space for the expansive transformation that these ways can bring in to any human life.This platform is a home for education, de-stigmatization, and enrichment through conversations that center intuition, ancestral guidance, and medicines of the earth. This is not a space to persuade, prescribe or preach.This is, however, a space for radicalism, sovereignty, and enlightening, thought-provoking discussion. One for storytelling, breaking taboos and to share personal truths that shed light on the magic & healing that can come through the childbearing continuum. My invitation while you listen to these stories is that you allow yourself to access your deepest inner knowing, and that you open yourself to connection with the ancestors that walked before us, and to collaborate with them in all you chose to do. My wish is you can recognize the unshakeable truth that exists within you. Please do what you wish with the insight I trust you will receive in every episode of Mama Psychedelia. We are not licensed medical or mental health professionals — nothing said here is medical advice. We don’t promote or advocate for the use of illegal substances; we simply wish to hold space for education, harm reduction, and medicine work that have long histories of use in cultures worldwide.