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Tudor Rickards

TudoRama explores the nature and practice of creativity in the arts, sciences, politics and above all in everyday life. Tudor Rickards is Emeritus Professor of Creativity and Organizational Change at the University of Manchester. Tudor studied chemistry and radiation chemistry at The University of Wales at Cardiff.  Following post-doctoral research at New York Medical College, he returned to the UK to work in technical management before joining Manchester Business School.  He has published numerous books and articles on creativity, sporting management and leadership, as well as fictional works involving the mythical University of Urmston. He has been influential in the development of creativity-related projects in Europe, including the European Association for Creativity and Innovation (EACI), and was co-founder (with Susan Moger) of the journal Creativity and Innovation Management. He is also author of detective stories centred around the fictional University of Urmston, and a nearby chess club which houses a top-secret government surveillance operation. His recent switch to podcasting reaches out to a wider general audience interested in current affairs, and the processes of creativity previously described in his lectures, blogposts, and textbooks.
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