Real Estate Influencer Buzz

Ep: 030 - Ashley Harwood - CEO & Founder | Move Over Extroverts

September 26, 2019 Season 2 Episode 30
Real Estate Influencer Buzz
Ep: 030 - Ashley Harwood - CEO & Founder | Move Over Extroverts
Real Estate Influencer Buzz
Ep: 030 - Ashley Harwood - CEO & Founder | Move Over Extroverts
Sep 26, 2019 Season 2 Episode 30
Ashley Harwood
How Introverts Succeed in Real Estate
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered if you are an introvert and if so how do you blend that with being a Realtor or entrepreneur? In this episode we "buzz" about the differences between introverts and extroverts and Ashley shares some great advice and tips by answering these questions:

What is an introvert?

How can introverts be successful in real estate?

And a biggy...what is the best advice for avoiding burn out?

Ashley Harwood grew up in Michigan and has been in Massachusetts since 2011. She graduated from Northern Michigan University summa cum laude, with a degree in English, then spent a few years in luxury retail management before getting into real estate in 2013. Since then, Ashley has built a thriving, 6-figure business as a solo agent. 

Through her own experience as an introverted Realtor, Ashley has discovered what works and what doesn’t (hint: much of what works well for extroverts does not work the same way for introverts). She’s experienced the frustration, guilt, and burn out that many others experience in this industry. The year she realized she was actually an introvert, her business quadrupled over the previous year, and her life dramatically improved.

Realizing there was a segment of the population not being served, Ashley launched Move Over Extroverts. Her mission is to help introverts discover how to use their unique strengths to be even more successful in their businesses and enjoy a higher quality of life along the way. She shortens the learning curve for her clients, as they can benefit from the trials, failures, and successes Ashley has experienced during her career. 

Ashley works with clients across many industries. Although her background is in real estate, her programs are designed to help introverts in any sales or entrepreneurial role.

You can connect with Ashley here!

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