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Ep 012: Michele Bellisari - Why I Love Millennials!

February 21, 2019 Season 2 Episode 12
Real Estate Influencer Buzz
Ep 012: Michele Bellisari - Why I Love Millennials!
Real Estate Influencer Buzz
Ep 012: Michele Bellisari - Why I Love Millennials!
Feb 21, 2019 Season 2 Episode 12
Michele Bellisari
Why I Love Millennials!
Show Notes

I have daughters who happen to be fabulous millennials and I just adore them and their friends. There are a variety of reasons why I am a fan and I share with you in this episode!

The Question: I asked some of my mom of millennials friends what positive things and takeaways have you learned from the "mills" in your life? These ladies are opinionated and cool all at the same time btw and I have known them since high we are very transparent with each other!  Within minutes my phone blew up with responses that they love how their mills honor a decent work/life balance, that they are good with change, innovative and care more about their quality of life vs possessions and the 9-5 kind of mindset. To hear my take and more listen in to my sip social sell sesh today!

By the speaking to my younger mill and her friends about home ownership it was very interesting. They do want to purchase homes and have very specific things that they like. Get to know some "mills" in your life and you will, in my opinion, enjoy their perspective and perhaps implement some of their fresh and freeing ideas and mindset.


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