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Java, Jobs, and YOU

Garrison Leykam

Java, Jobs, and YOU: Caffeinated Career Conversations is a podcast dedicated to YOU in your quest to find meaningful work and personal and professional fulfillment. We live in a time of unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the career marketplace. Covid has dramatically altered the economic landscape and the ways we work and communicate. It’s driven home the recognized desire for quality of life and work. Education has migrated from hallowed ivy league hallways conferring traditional degrees to a world awakened to continuous learning and professional development. Micro-certifications now provide individuals from all socio-economic strata with affordable, professional programs to develop new skills that are in demand by employers. And it’s never been easier and more affordable to start-up an entrepreneurial venture that doesn’t require hefty brick and mortar and inventory investments. It’s our responsibility, yours, and mine, to navigate our careers, whether you’re transitioning to a new career, pursuing your 2nd act, dealing with ageism in the workplace, pivoting, trying to narrow your options to determine what you really want to do, finding a purpose, looking for alternatives to a role you’ve been assigned and aren’t passionate about, or just trying to stay current in your profession and industry. Java, Jobs, and YOU is a strong brewed podcast created and hosted by veteran radio, TV, and podcast expert and certified career and business coach Garrison Leykam. Garrison will bring you percolated interviews with career-related experts and inspiring individuals to inform and motivate you on how to fill your career potential to the brim.