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Ep012 Unlock Your Potential: The Art of Being Unmessablewith Josselyne Herman-Saccio

May 18, 2023 Josselyne Herman-Saccio Episode 12
Create The Best Me
Ep012 Unlock Your Potential: The Art of Being Unmessablewith Josselyne Herman-Saccio
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In this empowering episode of our podcast, we delve into the art of being unmessablewith transformation coach Josselyne Herman-Saccio. Josselyne, a respected thought leader and speaker, shares her unique approach to personal development and offers insights on how to manifest your dreams, overcome life's obstacles, and truly live an unmessablewith life.


From her decades-long journey in personal development to her vision for empowering others, Josselyne discusses how she moved from being reactive to proactive, from fear to freedom, and how she's helping others do the same. We also explore her decision to fulfill her "someday dream" of moving to Paris and how she's transforming the world of business through her company, Mission B.


Join us as we uncover how to master your life and become unmessablewith.

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Well, hello there, fearless midlife trailblazers. Welcome to Create The Best Me. If you are new here, I'm so glad you made it here. If you're a returning listener, welcome back to the one and only place where we encourage and empower women to pursue their dreams and live life to their fullest.

I am Carmen Hecox, your host and personal development coach. Today's guest is a master coach of the art of being unmessablewith. With more than 30 years of experience, having coached more than 200,000 people. Yes, you heard me right? 200,000. 

She is also an author, entrepreneur, former number one pop star founder of a nonprofit wife and mother of three.

Her passion and secret power is empowering people to realize their dream now versus someday and become unmessablewith no matter what life throws at them. 

Yes. If you're a fan of this woman just like I am, you know exactly who I'm talking about. None other than the amazing Josselyne Herman-Saccio. And today she's going to talk about identifying your dream source and begin living that life now rather than waiting for your dream to happen. So without further ado, let's dig into the conversation.

Welcome to Create the Best Me. I am Carmen Hecox, a personal development coach, and I am so excited to be connecting with you today. Whether you're listening to the podcast or joining us on YouTube, my goal is to help women navigate through midlife challenges with compassion, inspiration, and empowering conversations.

Each week we'll dive into thought-provoking topics, designed to build self-confidence, overcome invisible women's syndrome, and find the courage to create the best version of yourself. 

I'll also be joined by expert guest who will share the wisdom and insights, so make yourself comfortable and let's embark on this journey together. 

Hello and welcome, Josselyne Herman-Saccio to the show. I am so excited to have you on.

Thank you for having me. It's great to be with you.

 Josselyne, for some of the people that believe it or not, may not know who you are, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ah Sure. I'm, I'm a transformative coach for 30 years, more than 30 years, I've been leading transformative programs, doing one-on-one coaching, group coaching, designing programs. I also have an entertainment company and I manage the careers of about 120 actors. I am married for almost 30 years. In fact, our anniversary is this month and uh, we have three pretty much grown children.

Our youngest is 17, graduating high school this year. And, um, I have a nonprofit that I started in 2008 called United Global Shift that works with transforming systems, not individuals, but systems. And I used to be a pop star with a number one record in 1912 feels like, but no, 1993, I believe it was. So, 30 years ago.

Great. And I remember listening to you, you didn't talk about this, but I remember about maybe seven years ago you did a TEDx talk.

I did, yes, I did. Called "Abracadabra Living The Life of Your Dreams Now, Not Someday". And that's all inside of my, you know, commitment to empower people to fulfill their dreams. And develop their muscle to be unmessablewith, which is what I call the work that I do, the art of being unmessablewith.

And you most certainly are an unmessable woman. Josselyne, I know our viewers will benefit so much from having you on today's show because you are a living example of someone who, is living the life of their dreams, fulfilling her passion, and helping others discover their dreams and live that life as well.

And I know at an early age you stopped living the life of someday and began living your life now. 


You shot down your limiting beliefs and curated a path to living the life of your dreams.

Yeah. And thank God for transformative work because I was 11 when I did my first transformative program because my parents were separated, and they were gonna get divorced. And then my mother, who had been sort of a victim of the whole situation with my dad and what was happening. She came out of this weekend program and was like a different human being.

She was, she was my first example of being unmessablewith, she started creating things and fulfilling on them. It was like she became like this magic person, and then my father did the same program like a year later and they got back together. And they're celebrating their 65th year together this month, and they're, you know, like in love like little kids.

It's amazing. And so, I'm clear transformation is sort of the answer for people who wanna live the life of their dreams. And at 11 I said, well, whatever you guys did, I wanna do it. And they had a kid's version. So, I did it and I started to know myself as somebody who didn't have to be messablewith who didn't have to give up on my dreams and my visions.

Even if I failed, I was able to stay in action and fulfill on what I really saw possible. And then at a very early age, around early twenties, you know, I had had this dream to be a singer since I was four years old, but I was also very clear that you can't do your art as your career because that just seemed like the truth to me, even though, it wasn't necessarily the truth cuz you see people making a living, being an artist, you know? But that didn't compute for me. I only saw the evidence of the starving artists, you know, because that reinforced this belief, I had that you can't do your art as your career. So then there I was in a, in a seminar and all of a sudden it occurred to me like, what if that's not true? What if, that's a decision I made in the infinite wisdom of five that isn't the truth. And all of a sudden that lid or that limiting belief disappeared. And I was left like inaction on my dreams, and I started introducing myself to people as a singer and within three weeks I got a record deal.

That's amazing.

It was, it was miraculous, but it wasn't mysterious.

Well, I mean, you had the talent, you had the gift to be a singer, but you blew away all the limiting beliefs that this can't happen, and this can happen.

It can happen if you take actions, if you tell people you're a singer. I never told anybody I was a singer because I thought it meant I was a loser. You know, like I'm a starving artist. I didn't wanna be known as that, but once that was gone, I was free to share my dream, to take action, making a demo.

I, I mean, I got this phone call three weeks after I, I had that breakthrough, and this woman's like, I heard you're a singer. I was like, who? Who is this? You know, like they never would've heard I was a singer because I never told anybody. But for those three weeks I was introducing myself as a singer. She said, well, we're putting together this girl group.

It's like a female new kids on the block and we need a fifth member and some, this girl who had auditioned for it said, you'd be right for it. She wasn't right for it, but that you're a singer and you'd be right for it. I was like, that never would've happened if I hadn't have taken those actions.

Maybe you began to act like a singer?

Yes, exactly. And do the things that a sing a singer would do 

Mm-hmm. Exactly, put yourself out there.

Sing in front of actual humans, haha.

Yeah, so what strategies do you think you can suggest to women in midlife to help them uncover their dream source like you did, and find clarity in their aspirations?

Well, the first thing I always ask the people that I work with, cuz at that point when I was in my early twenties, that's when I got committed to other people fulfilling their dreams cuz I had fulfilled, you know, I was like, this is easy. You cannot. Not easy, but simple. You can actually fulfill any dream that you disappear your limiting beliefs about, and then get an action around.

So, I, you know, created being a leader of transformative work and a manager for actors so that I could support people in doing that. And the first thing that I ask people is, what's your dream? And you'd be surprised how many people can't answer that question. Because they're so busy dealing with what life is throwing at them.

They're looking down, they're managing, they're surviving. They're not looking up and out at their vision. So that's one of the first things I have to do with people is get them pried out or of unpried out of the world of reaction, and looking up and out into the world of creation to see, okay, well if I could have anything, what would I want?

Like, what do I really wanna fulfill on? What am I on this planet for to fulfill on? And I have 'em look at not only their, their goals, you know, but their dreams, like their someday dreams. You know, like someday I wanna fulfill in the blank. And I, I work with them to see why they have the dreams they have.

And that's what I call your dream source, like what you referenced, and that's in the TED Talk, is the source of your dreams, not the goal. But what's behind it? What's the world from which it came? That actually is the thing you really want.

So is that like, for example, let's say I. 

Do it with you. Yeah. We'll just do it with you. Yeah, let's just do it with you. So gimme a goal, some, uh, goal you got in the next immediate future.

A goal I have in the immediate future is, hmm. I want to have, well, for this year, because I just started this podcast, back in February. So, by the end of the year my goal would be to have 2000 downloads.

Okay, so let's say that happened right then, what would be available to you that isn't available to you now?

I would have reached a larger audience.

Okay, so now let's say you reached a larger audience. Now what's there like available to you? Like a presence that isn't available right now?

I would feel like I am actually making a difference.


That I'm changing women's lives.

And let's say you were changing women's lives and they're writing you and telling you about it, and what's then present? Like a space?

I guess it would give me my purpose.


It would give me that inner peace, that calling that I made a difference. That I changed, even if it was just one person's perspective.

Yeah, so,

Opened up their mind and now they're living to their full potential.

So, you can hear a few things in what you shared, right? So, one thing I heard was peace of mind. Another thing I heard was purpose and another thing that was in a few different things you said was making a difference. So, I would take those three and. Have that be the first cut at your dream source. So, if your dream source is peace, purpose, and making a difference, that's not something you have to wait till you have 2000 downloads or 2 million downloads to accomplish.

You can come from that space right now in this conversation. And bring that to your interactions versus hope to get it out of life. You bring it to life. And that's what I mean by realizing your dreams now, not someday when you hit 2000 downloads.

Very true. Very good. Yeah.

Yeah, so that becomes a new space to live your life from, which is a created space you created that. That's not a reactionary space, that's a creative space. And that's the work that I do with people to have them move from the world of reaction, which so much of life is in that realm to the world of creation.

True. So, how can women identify limiting beliefs or fears that they may have that are holding them back from discovering their dream source or reaching their goals?

Well, I mean, how you discover what messes with you is by taking on a commitment that you're stopped in. So, if you know, if I said to you, okay, get 2000 followers by next month. What would be right there for you?

I think the first thing would be the fear of how am I gonna do this?

Yeah. So that fear of how am I gonna do this is likely not isolated to getting 2000 followers. That's likely a conversation that messes with you in different areas of your life. So, that's, you know, the simple, the cliff note way of seeing what's in the way. You know, is I don't know how to do it. So that stops a lot of people.

That's, that's what messes with a lot of people. It's like they have the vision to start a new business or to triple their income or to, you know, get married or whatever, but I don't know how, I don't know where to start and, and that is a limiting belief. That stops people from being in action on their dreams.

And you know, when you're most creative, you're most alive. So even when you didn't know how to do something, I mean, everybody can relate to something that they created where it was just kind of like they were making it up as they went along, and it was invigorating. Even the failures were invigorating because you were in that creative space.

But then, we move into managing what we created, which is all about making sure it's not broken and survives, and you know, sustains itself and gets better and da da da, which is a different muscle. So, the trick is being able to shift into the world of creation, even when you've already built something, not just when you're.

Creating it from nothing but be able to live from that space. Even when you have a multimillion-dollar business or God willing for people, right? Or you have a marriage of 30 years, how do you keep creating your marriage? Cuz you know, you look over, it's the same person every morning. So, it's like, then how much to create that's the default way of living, is kind of like, okay, I know you all right.

Now let's go to Costco or whatever. But how do you create your relationship right now and right now, and right now from that space of your dream source?

I think it's inviting passion back into it.

It could be if passion. is your dream. Yeah, absolutely. But then there are actions. So, it's like, okay, what actions are you gonna take? And then I would coach you to put those actions in your calendar. Because if you don't have it in your calendar, it's in your head. And your head is also where your fears are and where your limitations are.

So, you don't want stuff up there. Get it out here in the world. In reality. I recommend a calendar and you know, if you're creating passion with your spouse, okay, what, what action are you gonna take? I mean, this is going down a road right now, but let's say, okay, so what action are you gonna take tomorrow at seven o'clock?

That's going to create that passion. So, you don't write it in your calendar as a to-do, like go to the movies or have dinner. It's create passion, have dinner. So, it's a context that you're creating for whatever you're doing to live inside of.

Yeah, that's good. Really good.

In the realm of tips.

How can women in midlife establish daily habits and routines that will help them toward acting toward their dream source and maintaining focus on their desired outcomes?

Well, it actually brings me back to right what I just. Said about your calendar. I actually have a calendar workshop that I offer people, and it's all about being able to create your calendar as your life. So, you experience being the author of your life. I put everything in my calendar up from showering to checking the stock market, to emails to whatever it is preparing for a meeting, you know, because if it isn't in my calendar, the likelihood of it happening is much less than if it's in my calendar because I can see it.

And act on it. And I can't tell you how many times I'll be like, you know, walking down the street and I'll have in my calendar, you know, get dessert for like dinner that I'm going to tonight. Right? You might see my cat's tail any second cuz she just walked up in front of the screen. But in any case, um, you know, and I'll be walking up to the Whole Foods and my alarm will go get dessert because I live that kind of life where I've created it and then it's happening because I have a lot of power with my word cuz I practice.

Doing what I say in every area, whether it's take a shower at 7:00 AM or do yoga at 8:00 AM or whatever it is. Up here comes the tail. Ah, they just missed the screen. Okay. Socrates is the cat. She's definitely. Doesn't understand what personal space is, but whatever it is you're creating, if you can develop muscle with being able to say something and have it happen enough times, then you can say things like 2000 downloads by next month.

And all of a sudden, you'll have access to the kinds of actions that it's gonna take to have that happen. Cuz you could have 2000 downloads by next week. If you really got into action about it, there is a pathway. There's no question. It's just you're limiting beliefs about what's doable or what's probable or what's, you know, what you have access to keep you looking like this versus then like this.

Wow, so you program everything into your calendar because I only program like just business and like personal health stuff or vacations. That's the only thing I programmed in my calendar. I don't program, for example, my husband and I take daily walks, we walk three and a half miles every day.

There is no set time that we do that. 

Well, the beautiful thing about a calendar is at least if you're using a Google Calendar or an Apple ca, you can move the blocks. So, if you have it in there as a recurring event, you can move the time, but it's there. It isn't real unless it's real Out here. It's a real thought or a real intention, but it's not real like in reality, unless it's out here and out here is your calendar.

So, I recommend starting to put that stuff in your calendar. Otherwise, it's like, you know, you hope you're gonna do it or you intend to do it, or you know, but you don't have a word in the matter of doing it. And that's something very powerful is your word. And ultimately being unmessablewith is your word is unmessablewith, so a lot of the work that I do with people is strengthening the muscle of their word.

One access is to make promises and then realize your promises. So, I promise to make five people smile today. Whatever it is, you just create a promise that's going to bring forth, like if you're, you are. Dream sources peace and purpose and making a difference. What promises could you create that would bring that to your trip to Starbucks or your walk with your husband, or whatever it is that you're doing?

What could you honor as a matter of your word that would begin to create that kind of environment as a creation, not just kind of be in the environment that's there by default and deal with it.

So, I guess the reason behind your entire calendar system is that you are as you stated, you're building a system to take action. It's an action system. So, whether it's something as minute as brushing your teeth at 6:00 AM it's action.

Well, it's, it's more than action. The action comes outta your word. That's the thing cuz you take actions all day long. I mean, if somebody throws a ball at you, you're gonna act on it. But that might not be in your calendar. So, the question is, are you reacting to life or are you creating it with your word?

I've found that, I mean, and it's not about the calendar, it's about your being able to exercise the muscle of creation. Because if you create brushing your teeth at 6:00 AM that's in word, you're creating that, it's the same thing as creating 2000 downloads. It's the same mode, it's the same paintbrush.

And if your paintbrush is weak, your painting's gonna be weak. So, I just use things like the walk or, you know, checking email or whatever it is you put in your calendar as an access to exercising the muscle of word so that when you say, I promise to forgive my ex-husband, that has muscle behind it. It isn't just like a flippant thing, you know?

It isn't like you can't hear your own word, or people can't hear your own word, like it's got power because you say X and X happens.

I remember, my father, ever since I was a little girl, used to always say, you're only as good as your word. And so, if you give somebody your word, everything else has to fall because you promised this person this event was going to happen or that you were going to do this thing.

And a lot of people do live true to that, but their word to themselves is weak. So, you might keep a promise to me, but if you just write something in your calendar and nobody else knows it, and it's not like involving another person, you'll skate out on that one. And that's the biggest thing that people get messed with about because they don't realize it isn't about who they give their word to or what they give their word to.

It's that it's their word that is the point. That's what I want people to have a relationship to, not the thing. They gave their, or the person, cuz you can always justify, well, I'm annoyed with them. I'm not gonna have lunch with them. You know, you can always have a reason not to do what you said you were gonna do.

If you're using the thing or the person as what it is. No, no, no. It's, it's your word. It's not, you're only as good as your word. You are your word. So now what are you gonna honor you? As your word or are you gonna honor your thoughts and feelings and moods, which you have nothing to say about cuz it's all reaction.

So, when you're doing this, how can you avoid being burned out?

Well, there's really no burnout when you're connected to your purpose or your dream source because that becomes the context for everything. So let me demonstrate what I mean by context. In the context body part. What is this?

That is a finger.

Exactly. It's not a trick question. It just shows up for you as a finger. But in the context number, what is it?

It's one.

Now, notice in reality, nothing's altered, but when you alter the context, everything alters, like how you see what you're dealing with, how you interact with what you're dealing with, what you act on is all altered because the context is decisive, and the context only exists in word. In language. So, if you are present too, that's why I have people create, oh, create intimacy, have dinner with my husband, create vitality, walk for the 45 minutes, or whatever it is.

Because what you're creating is a context for that task to exist inside of. So, you're not burnt out because you're connected to who you really are and your purpose and you're calling and you're, you know, raison d’Γͺtre and you know what? You're here for the why of what you're doing things for. So that creates energy cuz it's in this world of creation, not reaction.

You can get burnt out in the world of reaction like that even if you've had 10-hour sleep.

That's true. Very true. So, it's merely of just a perception of how you view the situation.

Yeah, well, how you view yourself and the situation and people has total impact on how you think and how you feel. And if you view your husband as someone who adores you, you're gonna be a whole different way than if you view him as somebody who criticizes you.

That's true. 

So, your view has the biggest say, and your view is colored by the context. And you have not much to say about the circumstances. Circumstances happen, you know, but you have everything to say about your view of the circumstances and the context in which they occur.

I like that. So, tell me what kind of practical exercises or techniques do you have that can help people?

Well, one is promising. I think that's a very good tool. And to get started on the path of the art of being unmessablewith, I always recommend creating a game out of it, you know, so I have this free gift that I give people called The Promise Game, and it's five days, and each day you get a different email with a promise for the day, and you kind of notice, you know what opens up out of honoring that promise all day long.

Or what you bump up against, like what messes with you in keeping your promises, which is your word, right? So, what messes with you in your intentions and what opens up when you do say X and do X. And that's like a, a, an easy kind of lift, not a heavy lifting way to enter into this whole game. Of being unmessablewith, but ultimately, I mean, the calendar workshop is another great access.

I mean, that's like a $19 thing on my website, which is 45 minutes of training of how to create your life through your calendar. It's like, I think one of the biggest bang for your buck that I have. Um, but there's also a dream source discovery process, which I know that you saw the TED talk and really got connected to that whole world of dream source. And that's a five day, although you can do it at your own pace process by which you start to get connected to your dreams, to your dream source, to what messes with you and a pathway out of it. So that's a thing you can, and again, it's like $47 or something, you know, really.

And then we have courses, and we have group coaching, and we have one-on-one coaching, which is all, you know, like it tiers up, right? In terms of your wherewithal. Um, but there's a way for everybody. To get started, whether it's my newsletters, which are all free, and you can just take, they all have tips in them and little strategies.

I have videos on the website of press interviews and TED Talks and all of that. That gives you actionable access. My mission is to have as many people as possible fulfilling their dreams and developing themselves to be unmessablewith. That's what I'm here on this planet for. So, I got lots of ways for people to enter that game.

 And you're living proof that you've lived that life, you've done it, and you've inspired many, many people because you have clients that you manage, and they're living their dreams.

They are, and I've led, you know, programs for a couple hundred thousand people over the years, and I hear from them about the results that they're producing, and it never ends. It's not like, well, now I'm unmessable with and nothing messes. No stuff messes with me. I just get out of it real quick because I do what I tell people to do.

I practice what I say. I don't just say, do as I say, not as I do. I am in this game with everybody. So yes, I have 45 years of muscle under my belt, but that doesn't buy me anything at the customer service desk. At T-Mobile, when I'm annoyed and getting reactivated, I gotta practice my own methodology to be able to step over to the world of creation or when I see that I have a someday dream that I'm not acting on, which I recently saw back in October, November when I was leading a course called the Creation, creating the foundation for being unmessablewith, I saw that I had a someday dream about moving to Paris, and I was like, well, there is no someday.

So, am I gonna keep talking about this for the next 40 years, or am I gonna do it? So, I am moving to Paris in six days. I, in that course, said that's it by June, we're doing it and we are doing it because it's a series of actions that fulfills on a dream. Not thinking about it, thinking about it, produces thoughts, talking about it produces words, actions, produce results.

Nice dream.

I know it's not too shabby, you know, but there's a lot of stuff I had to deal with inside of that dream. Like, what about my kids? And what about my 90-and 92-year-old parents? And you know, they rely on us every week. And so, I had to set up structures. Again, all actions, conversations. Setting up a calendar for who's gonna be there, when to take care of them and support them.

And you know, getting my father WhatsApp on his phone so we can have video calls every morning instead of just our audio call, you know, so there's a world that opens up once you give your word to something. I didn't have the word in the matter. I had a hope that someday I'd move to Paris. And I lead this stuff, you know, but it was a blind spot for me.

So that's why it's like a mountain with no top. You know, it's never and mastery. You never are there. It's always the next blind spot and the next limiting belief and the next conversation that's in the way or the next thing that messes with you to illuminate and disappear. So that's, you know, the game I'm in.

So that's why I like to invite people to play the same game.

And I think it's a good game because I think that, um, with the way the world has changed, we need this. We need to be able to change with it, but change on our own terms and be unmessable.

And not be reactive. I mean, look at what's going on in the news. People are being shot because somebody, you know, walks up to the wrong door. And that's completely from fear and survival and, and being a reaction that's not taking a breath and looking at what you're committed to creating and then having a say.

And that's all default. That's all amygdala, hijack, reptilian brain, fight, or flight. There's no you even involved or necessary for that kind of stuff, and that's everywhere. That's in your marriages, that's in your workplaces, that's with your kids, that's people. And it's, you know, to the extreme politics and war and all of that, you know.

 So, Josselyne, other than moving to Paris, what else are you working on?

Well, I'm working on, um, my group coaching program, which starts in a couple weeks. And then I also have, uh, the foundation for being unmessablewith. I'm gonna work on a recorded version of that to make it more accessible for people at a, at a cheaper price. And then I also am working on, um, some events to free people around money, because that's one of the biggest things that messes with people is money. So, I'm working with two people, one that coaches me in stock trading, and I've gotten so many breakthroughs around my relationship to money out of working with him. And then my girlfriend, Robin, who is uh, Howard Stern sidekick, Robin Quivers. She and I have like this whole vision about freedom for money.

So, we're gonna do an event with her, me, and Tyrone Jackson, who's our money coach, and it's gonna be about moving from fear to freedom. They're gonna be free events. We're gonna do those once a month. And you know, I've just got all sorts of stuff that I'm creating every day. I'm like, oh, maybe I'll do a course about that and maybe I'll do an event about that. Like, why not, you know?

I also heard something about you being over on my side of the country.

Yes, I am doing two things on your side of the country. One is, this was the best invitation. I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the World Cup of Transformation. I was like, world Cup, I'm in, whatever that is, I'm in. I was like, hoping I wouldn't have to wear like, you know, spiky sneakers or something.

But uh, it's all about transformation, so I'm gonna be. Speaking there in San Diego, um, in June. And then I also have a corporate arm. I, I have a company with two partners called Mission B, and we're doing something called the Blueprint Workshop, which is for entrepreneurs, founders, executives to bring their teams to not only find their North star, their purpose, like you and I were just talking about, but also experience authoring the intent of their company, like a whole new future for their company.

So yeah, a few things going on, right.

In between living in Paris? 

Yes, that's right. I'll be doing some of it from Paris. You know, your neck of the woods from Paris is like a 15-hour flight, but I'm doing it to come out to San Francisco to do that blueprint workshop. Yeah, I'm very excited about the work I'm doing with Mission B because it's one thing to work one-on-one with people, but to work with teams of people in organizations, there's a lot of leverage that can happen in terms of shifting the conversation around business.

So that it becomes one where people are not only focused on the profit or even the planet or the people, but also the purpose.

Great. And is that, the thing in San Francisco, is that a private, for just a corporate, a private corporate event? Or is that something that's big. 

People can register for it. If you go to, uh, Mission B, the letter B.CO CO, there's information on it and you can absolutely register for it for sure. You know, and the summit also the Successful Living Summit, the World Cup of Transformation is Registerable for too.

If you If you go to my website, actually I have coming events and all of this stuff is up on my website

Perfect we're gonna put all your events that are coming up, they'll be in the show notes so that if people want to get a little more Josselyne, they can. If they're over on the, the westcoast 

Yeah, if they wanna see me in person. Otherwise, they got tons of videos and written stuff that they can engage with.

So where can people find you? is my website and it has pretty much everything I'm up to, uh, from courses and ways to work with me to coming events, like the live events that we're talking about, to the newsletters, to press interviews, all sorts of stuff that people can enga and the TED talk that you liked so much. That's all up there too.

Perfect. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. I do appreciate you having you on and I hope to have you on again. 

I would love that. 

Women in midlife need to, they really need to learn how to be unmessable. I mean, not that we're not unmessable cause I think we are, but I think we may need to up our game.

Well, I think that there are things that happen that we feel like we just have to deal with, like. Lack of sleep or you know, stuff that happens for us as we reach a certain age. And it's all malleable. You can impact anything if you get committed to it and have a word in the matter, you know? And most people just deal with stuff effectively rather than create a whole new space. And that's really what I'm committed to, that yet people have the ability to create.

Great. All right. Well thank you very much for being on the show. like I said, everything is gonna be in the show notes. 


I don't know about you, but I just couldn't get enough of Josselyne valuable information. If you want more of Josselyne, she along with two of her other partners from their company, Mission B. Have an upcoming workshop on June 8th in San Francisco called Blueprint Workshop. It's designed for entrepreneurs, founders, and executives to bring their team, not only to find their North Star, and purpose, but take their company into the future. If you can't make that event, she will also be a keynote speaker at this year's Successful Living Summit 2023 World Cup, June 22nd through the 24th in San Diego. You can register to sign up to any of those events. There are still spots available. 

If you are interested in any of those events, you can find that information along with Josselyne's information at 

Again, I just want to express my complete gratitude to Josselyne Herman-Saccio, who, at the time of the recording was just a few days away from packing and moving to Paris, France. 

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Until next time, keep dreaming big, take care of yourself, and remember, you are beautiful, strong, and capable of creating the best version of yourself. Thank you for watching. Catch you next time. Bye for now.