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Finding Common Ground

Sandy Brodine, Megan Knott, Kristen Barnett, Paul Blacker, Paul Minty, David Landis-Morse with production by John Rowe

Our hosts they take a critical look at the church's weekly bible readings, getting at a fresh understanding through humour, irreverence and honest conversation.The short bible passages that are read each week in churches throughout the world can be puzzling to understand, as they are only parts of the overall text and the links between the different readings are not always clear. Listen in to our group of hosts each week to hear different perspectives and tough questions. Some of our hosts are trained in understanding the bible and some are doing their best to understand for themselves. All the hosts believe that the bible - and our conversations about it - must have an urgent and important impact on how we live: individually, collectively, politically, economically, socially and biologically. And sometimes humour and irreverence is the only way to a fresh and living perspective.