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The Selfish Gift - Go public with your purpose

Maggie Langrick

What does it take to "go public" with your life's work? The Selfish Gift podcast is a series of deep, personal conversations with authors and creators about how they made the leap from practitioner to public figure. Hosted by Wonderwell book publisher Maggie Langrick, the podcast also serves up the very best advice from publishing professionals, from editors and literary agents to publicists, brand strategists, and mindset coaches. We ask ALL the big questions, like: When and why did you decide to "go public" with your life's work? How did you deal with self-doubt? What steps did you take, and how hard was it, really? Each of us has a unique gift to offer humanity. When we boldly share it with the world, we expand into the grandest version of ourselves and come fully alive. Listen in to discover how to level up your life and make the world a better place through purposeful publishing.
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