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The Carol-Van: A (Van) Life Podcast


Have you ever fantasized about walking out the door and leaving everything behind for good? I have. And then I actually did it. Before I could, my plans for putting rubber to road were stalled by a profound depressive episode triggered by my mother’s death. Yet, it was during that long depression I had the epiphany that if I could indeed manage to pursue my dream of van life, it might actually save me. At long last, I launched on the first day of spring in 2019. My name is Carol Fisher. As a full-time digital nomad traveling the US and Canada solo, I have an inordinate amount of time to think. A brutally honest self-assessment made it clear that I’ve used my life on the road to self-isolate (long before the pandemic made it a thing). Thus, it's essential that I explore what else, besides my lifelong wanderlust, propels my travels. Not only for those I love that are struggling to understand, but for my own emotional well-being. Why have I put so much distance between myself and my loved ones? As I attempt to answer my “Why?” this self-examination is serialized in “The Carol-Van.” Through deeply personal narratives, I follow breadcrumbs leading to painful, ridiculous, and triumphant revelations. And hopefully, back to those I love.