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40 No Kids Now What

Natalie Ferrier

A podcast designed to not only help Women who are NOT Biological parents by this point or beyond find their own answer to that question. But to also help people without kids rise above the challenges, judgements, stigma and stereotypes that can unfortunately come with the territory of this non traditional life path. And step boldly into being the awesome humans they are here to be NOW, so that they can thrive in creating a career, a meaningful legacy, relationships and a life they truly love (whether it does or doesn’t involve kids in other ways.) Check out episode 1 to find out a little more about what we'll be talking about throughout the series.Follow Nat on Instagram natferrier_own_your_voiceIf you'd like to support our work, please do subscribe to 40 No Kids Now What and feel free to share with anyone with whom this podcast might resonate.