Building Great Lives Podcast

Spirit-led Decision Making

June 26, 2023 Trent Gilliam Episode 60
Building Great Lives Podcast
Spirit-led Decision Making
Building Great Lives Podcast
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Show Notes

We make thousands of decisions everyday. Some decisions are small, or seemingly inconsequential, like what clothes we’ll wear, where to eat, etc. These type of decisions don’t normally have long-lasting or eternal consequences. 

We also make decisions that are more weighty. For instance, who we’ll marry, a career change, where to attend church or whether to move cross-country.  These type of decisions affect the direction of our lives and can have long lasting, emotional, physical and spiritual consequences. 

This is why spirit led decision-making is extremely important.  

In this episode we’re going to talk about the importance of making sound, spirit led decisions. We’ll also discuss why making good decisions is important, how to overcome the impact of bad decisions, and lay out seven steps that will help you make better decisions. 

As always… thank you so much for listening! 

And until next time!

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