Building Great Lives Podcast

Modern Day Miracles

July 24, 2023 Trent Gilliam Episode 64
Building Great Lives Podcast
Modern Day Miracles
Show Notes

Miracles are extraordinary occurrences that can only be attributed to a supernatural work of God. They surpass all known human ability and natural law. They also demonstrate God’s involvement in human lives. 

God uses miracles to reveal Himself, His character, and His purpose to us through miraculous measures that are otherwise unexplainable. Miracles provide evidence of God’s existence, power and authority. Miracles transcend human understanding and cause people to recognize that God is active in the world.

The Old and New Testament both provide many examples of miracles. But what about today? Do miracles still happen today?  

Believing in miracles will always require faith in things unseen. We do not believe without evidence. 

However, there are many archaeological, historical and eye witness accounts of miracles. While skeptics will always be leery of personal testimonies. We need only look to our judicial system for validation. Even the courts take compiled eye witness testimony as evidence to establish facts and reach verdicts.

Do miracles still happen? Absolutely! In this episode, we will lay out a Biblical defense of miracles as well as provide the listener with a few personal eye witness accounts of these events. 

Thank you for listening. 

Let’s keep building! 

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