Building Great Lives Podcast

Establishing Personal Safeguards

September 04, 2023 Trent Gilliam Episode 70
Building Great Lives Podcast
Establishing Personal Safeguards
Building Great Lives Podcast
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Show Notes

Each of us have strengths and weaknesses. While it is easy to embrace our strengths, we naturally tend to struggle with our weaknesses. It is important that we take note of our weaknesses and do our best to prevent them from being a hinderance in our lives. 

Naturally, we spend more time reinforcing our strengths and often, to our own disadvantage, ignore our weaknesses. While none of us enjoy admitting we have weaknesses, let alone  dealing with them, we must take our weaknesses seriously. Ignored or overlooked weaknesses can destroy our lives, the lives of others, marriages, families, reputations and ministries. 

In this episode, we’ll take a look at the lives of Saul, David and Sampson. We will discuss their strengths and weaknesses. In so doing, we can easily see why it is so important for us to set up safeguards against our own weaknesses.

Join me in this episode as we discuss the importance of putting safeguards in place that will help us to be successful in every area of our lives.

Thanks for listening! 

Let’s keep building! 

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