Building Great Lives Podcast

The Secret to True Happiness

September 17, 2023 Trent Gilliam Episode 72
Building Great Lives Podcast
The Secret to True Happiness
Building Great Lives Podcast
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Show Notes

In today’s episode we’re going to reveal the secret to true happiness! When we think about being happy, it’s natural to think of happiness in terms of a special location, memory or an achievement. 

People even jokingly refer to “finding their happy place”. Truth be told, happiness is much more than a special location, memory or an achievement. 

Happiness can be defined as an enduring state of mind consisting not only of feelings of joy, contentment, and other positive emotions, but also of a sense that one's life is meaningful and valued. 

Biblically speaking, happiness isn’t the absence of all trauma, suffering, discomfort or hardship. Happiness is a deep contentment that comes from knowing God is in control working all things for our benefit.

It's important for you to remove the illusion that any one thing in this world will make you permanently happy. 

Happiness isn’t always something we feel. It’s a much deeper expression of life. Happiness is more so connected to who we are and what we do than the circumstances of our life. 

True happiness is deeply connected to three main areas, our relationship with God, our relationship with family and friends and living a purposeful life. The great news, this means happiness is possible for all of us! 

Join me in this episode as we explore the meaning of true happiness. We’ll also lay out five keys that will help you unlock the secret to happiness for yourself.

Thanks for listening! 

Let’s keep building! 

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