THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali

🧿 AFFIRMATION: Stop Saving it!

February 10, 2024 Tarek Ali
THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali
🧿 AFFIRMATION: Stop Saving it!
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Today, we’re not just talking about making moves; we’re about setting those pent-up dreams free. You'll hear firsthand how the simple act of beginning can unravel the path to unexpected and wondrous destinations. If you've been cradling a vision or a goal too precious to act upon, let this subscriber edition of 'Leap into Healing' be the gentle nudge you need. It's about embracing the now and allowing the universe to work its magic as you bring those dreams from the shadows into the light.

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Speaker 1:

leap into healing subscriber edition. Hello, beautiful people. It is to rika lee. I just wanted to come and give you guys a little preview of just some of the bonus clips that you get when you leap into healing and subscribe to this show. Some of those bonus clips will be affirmations and mindset shifts, and when I say mindset shifts it's pretty much just it's me coming to just provide a different perspective of maybe something you're going through, and today's subject is to stop saving it. You know, sometimes we get words and provisions and we hear different things that tell us what we want to hear and need to hear. But it's scary if we were to act on it right, and sometimes it's not going to make sense until you actually do act on it and spirit kept telling me to stop saving it, stop saving it. I had so many ideas and plans that I just thought would be better executed if I had certain resources, if I was in a certain place, if I worked harder, if my you know mind was in this place. I just had all of these reservations of when I thought it would perform best. And it wasn't out of fear, I promise, it was like I just thought it would be best. I thought it would just flourish the best in a specific time and when I was in a specific place. But spirit kept telling me to stop saving it. Do it now. And I kept wrestling with this word because I was just like I can't do it right now, like it won't work right now. And the thing is, you think you can't do it right now because you can't see how it would work right now. But no miracle, no dream can come true if you could see it in today, in your circumstance, and you are in your right now. Right, the idea to make a dream, think of it. A dream, something that is not in the world, something you see in your head, something you see when you're sleeping. The dream, the miracle is not real. The only way for it to really become real is for you to make it real. And I'm gonna give you an example. You know it was a lot of my stories from my childhood. I was like, oh, I don't want to write my book until I'm already this big star and you know it's going to be more of a moment in a memoir and so I just never really sat down to write the things that I wanted to write. I wanted to write these stories from my childhood. I wanted to write, but because I was saving it for the future, when I thought it would be more successful or be more eyes on it. I was not allowing these words to come out of me, but with spirit continuously telling me to stop saving it and to do it. When I sat down and I just started doing it and not with the goals of like, oh, I'm writing a book or oh, I'm, you know, going to give this to my manager like just doing it, because the words needed to come out and spirit told me to stop saving it. When I sat down and I started writing, it did so many beautiful things for me, um, and I could go into all of that, but then this would become a podcast episode, but the message today is to just stop saving it. Okay, there's something in you, there's something in your plans, there's something in your dreams that you have been thinking about, that you've been wanting to do, that it doesn't make sense and it's not supposed to. Sometimes it'll make sense after you start, okay, and sometimes, when you start it, you realize, hey, it shouldn't look like the way it was in my head, or maybe it'll change a bit. The idea is, the message today is to just stop saving it. Whatever that is for you, I challenge and I encourage you to stop saving it, okay. So this was a little you know dose of what those extra episodes will feel like um and sound like um when you leap into healing. Make sure you check the description so that you can leap into healing today and you can support this show. Guys, I don't have any sponsors on this show. In the two years that I've been doing it, you have not heard one commercial and that is because I wanted to keep this the essence of what it is and healing and helping, and so by you guys subscribing and me also giving more, it really would help. So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed this. I love you guys and I hope you have a great day and you stop saving it, okay, bye.