THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali

đŸ§  MINDSET SHIFT: Trust in Time— Co-creating with Spirit at a Gentle Tempo

March 06, 2024 Tarek Ali Season 1
THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali
đŸ”’ đŸ§  MINDSET SHIFT: Trust in Time— Co-creating with Spirit at a Gentle Tempo
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Ever feel like you're racing against time, pushing yourself to the brink in the pursuit of your dreams? Let this episode be your permission slip to slow down and savor the journey. As we explore the harmony between action and patience, you'll discover that some aspirations don't demand relentless effort or upending your life. Instead, we discuss the power of trust—trusting in the process, trusting in time as an ally, and trusting that your spiritual partners are co-creating with you, even when their work is invisible.

Prepare to wrap yourself in a blanket of self-compassion as we share insights on why releasing the grip of control can be the most liberating step you take towards your goals. This isn't just about waiting; it's about nurturing faith and understanding that your patience is a testament to the belief in your dreams. There's no guest joining us this episode, just heartfelt advice and a nurturing space for you to find peace in the knowledge that your hard work is enough, and that sometimes, the best action is steeped in patience. Let's embrace the waiting game together with grace and confidence.

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Speaker 1:

leap into healing. Subscriber edition. Sometimes, when we're really passionate about something and we really want something to happen, even when we are connected to spirit and we're partnered with spirit right which is self or god or whatever that is for you we try so many different ways to make it come true, to make sure that we're doing our part right, to make sure that I'm doing every single thing I can in to make this happen. But I want you to know there are some seeds that you don't need to change the way you're going about it. You don't need to work harder. You don't need to flip and change your life completely. Sometimes. You just have to wait. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

Speaker 1:

It's trusting the time that it's taking and understanding that time is not an obstacle or your enemy. It's an ingredient needed for your dream to come true. Okay, so just stop being hard on yourself. Have a little bit more grace and lean more into faith. When you trust it's not micromanaging or double checking over someone when they said they're going to do something. If you believe that it will happen and that this is yours, then you have to just trust that spirit, that the, the partners that you are doing this with. They're doing their part, you're doing your part as well. You just have to wait. You just got to be patient. Okay, love you guys. See you on the next one.