Agile-Lean Ireland (ALI) Podcast

Fireside chat with Vessy Tasheva - Agile Lean Ireland

July 07, 2022 Agile-Lean Ireland Episode 5
Agile-Lean Ireland (ALI) Podcast
Fireside chat with Vessy Tasheva - Agile Lean Ireland
Show Notes

Vessy Tasheva
Founder & CEO of (global DEIB and Mental Health consultancy)
Originally Bulgarian and based out of Ireland, I work with clients across Europe and North America such as Soundcloud, Reward Gateway, Typeform and more, and now expanding in Latin America. 
I authored two editions of my independent international Diversity in the Workplace Report (2019 edition featuring 10 companies from 10 countries: and 2020 edition featuring 10 companies from 10 industries:, along with a whitepaper on How To Drive Measurable Results in D&I with OKRs.
I was named by Hive Learning as one of 2019’s most influential D&I Leaders globally and as one of the UK’s most influential D&I leaders in 2020. In 2021 I was listed by Onalytica in Top 50 D&I Influencers globally. In 2021, was featured in Top 10 of Emerging Diversity & Inclusion Companies in Europe by Manage HR Magazine.
In April 2020 I launched a video course on Inclusive Leadership on SocialTalent, learning platform, where the course ranked as #2 in the Most Watched course for the month of May.
In the last 11 years, prior to being a founder, I have worked as Chief Strategy Officer of a talent tech startup, as well as in various roles across product, marketing, and culture in companies between 4 and 800 employees.
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After completing a certified course in Psychotherapy & Counselling with PCI College in Ireland and authoring a paper on Intersectionality, Privilege, and Otherness in Psychotherapy, I am now studying in Trinity College in Dublin to complete a masters of science in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in order to examine D&I in the field of psychotherapy and to develop an intersectional approach to D&I through mental health as a unifying factor for all employees in an increasingly polarized world.

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