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How To Tap Into Your Intuition For Greater Possibilities & Well-being - Madison Arnholt - Agile Lean Ireland Visiting Speaker Series

November 08, 2022 Agile-Lean Ireland Episode 7
Agile-Lean Ireland (ALI) Podcast
How To Tap Into Your Intuition For Greater Possibilities & Well-being - Madison Arnholt - Agile Lean Ireland Visiting Speaker Series
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Meet Madison Arnholt an experienced global project manager and now Intuitive Life Coach with over 500+ hours of experience coaching clients all over the world tap into their intuition and heal energy blocks so they can live a more aligned, fulfilling life. 
Madison began her spiritual growth journey and self-healing 8 years ago. Her unique approach combines intuition, mindset, energetics, emotional release and manifestation all refined through her own transformation from sexual trauma, eating disorders, severe anxiety, chronic back pain, eczema, sleeping only 2 hours a night to thriving CEO, spiritual life coach and wife.
She’s on a mission to help you overcome what’s holding you back so you can THRIVE in all areas of your life.
Madison’s Certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP), Inner Voice Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, Life & Success Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

What’s covered in the episode:

- What is intuition?
- What happens if we trust our intuition
- Why should we follow our intuition?
- The 4 most common ways your intuition will communicate with you
- 6 ways to tap into your intuition and strengthen your connection
- Ways to get out of your head and into your body
- The power of releasing emotion stuck in the body (what Eckhart Tolle calls the “pain-body”)

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Hi, and welcome to the show this week, I am your guest host, Madison Arnhold. I am an intuitive life coach, and I help people tap into their intuition and heal and shift their energy so they can live more aligned, fulfilling, intuitive, joyful lives. So I am so happy to be with you here today. So happy to have this time with you and share some of the wisdom that has been so impactful for me and my life and really powerful for my clients as well. So a big part of my work, as I was saying is helping people tap into their intuition. For me, my intuition has just really become such a guiding force in my life. And I found that the more I trust it, the more I follow it, the more I allow it to guide me, the more I experience, results far beyond what my mind could have ever predicted or controlled. And more importantly, the better I feel, the more present I feel, the more aligned I feel, the more clarity I have, the more inspiration I have. And there is just this compounding momentum of alignment, which is really just that feeling of feeling in sync with your, with yourself and your purpose. And so I'm really excited to talk all about intuition today. So I'm going to be diving deep into intuition. What is it, how we can tap into it more and all that good stuff. So let's get right into it. So what is intuition? So to me, intuition is, you know, also known as higher self inner wisdom, inner guidance system, inner being inner voice. It's this expanded intelligence that allows us to access this entirely new realm of possibility. So it's that like, knowing what you know, without knowing how you know it, it's just that feeling of clarity, that direct experience of knowingness and it's, you know, like that feeling you've received that feels like a nudge or a ping something that's like pulling you something pulling you towards something, it's the whisper that, like calls you towards something that just feels right, even though there may not be a logical explanation. It's the signs and images that you see around you, where it's like, feels like, like the most like magical coincidence, but it's not actually coincidence, because there is deeper meaning and connection with all of it. And so we all have this. Incredibly, why is inner guidance system, but most of us just aren't aware of it. Because we live in a world in a society that places like every all importance in logic and what we can perceive with our five senses, but there's so much more. And there's this deeper source of wisdom and intelligence within us that we all have access to. And so it's just about learning how to shift where your awareness is. So most for most people, their awareness is very concentrated in their mind and their past experiences and what they've read in books in their logic, right, and what they see all around them in what they perceive what their five senses. And so what they're kind of like hearing all day long is that like, the mental chatter that's like going on in their mind. And that's beautiful. There's nothing wrong with that the mind is intelligent and logical in its own wonderful ways. But we also have this deeper intelligence within us that we can learn how to tune more into so it's kind of like changing the radio station, like typically, we're tuned into the radio station of the mind. And we're constantly hearing the mental chatter of like, Should I do this? Or should I do that? Oh, my gosh, I shouldn't have said that in that meeting, or I need to be I need to be like more perfect. Or, you know, just this constant mental chatter. Do the dishes need to be not having its own laundry? Did I turn the stove off, right? Like it just could be anything that constant mental chatter is where most of us are in the receptive mode of most of the time, but we can learn how to change the radio station per se, and be in the receptive mode of our intuition, and it's just really tuning and listening into a different channel of information besides that constant stream of our mental chatter, and I believe that intuition is connected to You this greater intelligence, you could call it of all of life where there are, like I said before just results and experiences and surprises far greater than we could predict or control with just our mind, or logic alone and this intuitive like guidance system within us when we follow it, it's also where our deepest experience of peace and fulfillment and purpose and alignment is found. And there are, you know, so many powerful examples of even famous people using intuition, Oprah talks all the time about how she is always leaning on her intuition. And, you know, I think we all can recognize that she has created a huge, incredible impact in the world. Albert Einstein said, the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. And the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Steve Jobs said, You have to trust in something he said, your gut destiny, karma, life, whatever, this approach has never let me down. And it has made all the difference in my life. And I think oftentimes, we have the misconception that in our logical society, that if we follow intuition that everything is just gonna, like crumble down, and like we're gonna mess everything up, and that we can't, we really can't like trust that and we need to just like stay on the logical path, stay on the known path. But that unknown path that sometimes seemingly illogical path that we're being drawn to, by our intuition is actually where these really profound experiences and innovations and create creations and creativity can unfold. And that's why often so many of the greatest creators in the world talk about how they were relying so much on their intuition and really trusted that it does require trust because it is going off into the unknown, but the more we trust it, the more we build that muscle and the more we receive that evidence that life can unfold, and really incredible Wait, so when we are willing to trust so why should we follow intuition, right? Why not just the you know, science and logic, but so I've already kind of touched on this a little bit. But if we truly want to innovate, if we truly want to create if we truly want to experience peace and our purpose, intuition is key, like science is based on what we know, logic is based on what we know our past experiences. And if we rely solely on what's happened in the past, or what we know. We tend to recreate really similar experiences and that's when it's like oh state like you ask someone how are you doing? Oh, same old, same old it's because we're on these like we're living in this like auto pilot we're working create, recreating and perpetuating circumstances that we may have outgrown and it can limit our potential. And so intuition is that part of us that can see things that our mind can't and as we trust it more, there seems to be this alignment of like, helpful circumstances, helpful occurrences synchronicities, that feel really magical start happening more frequently. There's this feeling of like life feeling like it's smoothing out instead of feeling like you're swimming against the river, you it kind of feels like you're flowing like downstream, like with the stream, like there's a sense of like life is moving and flowing in your favor. And, like energies and people and circumstances feel more cooperative, more aligned, there's this synergy of naturally, having naturally attracting with our energy by being in alignment with our inner being and intuition where we will become more



like with the law of attraction, we attract more aligned experiences and opportunities into our life a lot more naturally, because we are living in alignment with our natural true selves. And really, the best part is that we feel so much more fulfilled, so much more joyful and aligned on a day to day or even moment to moment. basis. So there's four main ways that I have found through working of hundreds of clients and speaking with hundreds of people's intuition, inner voice, whatever you want to call it. Four main ways that intuition will communicate with us so the first can be words. You might like literally, like hear something within you most people hear in their heart or, or in their gut instead of like, when you have a thought in your mind, you know, what's your mind because it feels like it's coming from like your head or your brain, when it's your intuition often not for everyone, everyone can be different. So it's important to feel into what resonates for you. But a lot of people feel it come from their heart, or their guts. For me, I kind of feel this like flash of knowing that feels like it comes from like everywhere in nowhere, all at the same time. So again, different for everyone, but it can come in words, so you like literally my here. Okay, I had to pause the recording to take a phone call, but I am back. So let's jump right back into it. So words, you may receive words and you can even kind of like tune in and listen into your heart right now. And just, you know, ask yourself intuition and our voice, is there anything you want me to hear in this moment. And just breathe. Just listen. You can see if anything comes through, if it doesn't, that's fine. You'll know when you know when you know, that's what I always say intuition is a very present moment experience, if you need to know something, and then now it will come through in the now and oftentimes not any sooner or later, because all that exists is now so words, words is the first way that your intuition can come through and it could, you know, say like breeze or allow, let go, those are really common things that I hear a lot with my clients are all as well, it could be anything. And so we can come through those words, it can come through as a feeling or a knowing or a frequency or a vibration. That's often how I experience it, where it's like this realization, this clarity comes over me where it's not necessarily coming to me in a sentence or words, or a word. But there's just like this, knowing this understanding that kind of like comes into my body. The third way is images or signs. So if you're kind of like tuning into Listen to your intuition, you might have this image of a waterfall. And so you can kind of like you might have an like, there might be an intuitive understanding that the waterfall means to, like, let go and flow with life or whatever, it could be anything, but sometimes there's an image that communicates a certain message or meaning, or a sign out in the world that we see that just feels resonant and like it's meant for us and like it has this intuitive meaning for us. And then the fourth way is what I would call a ping or a nudge or a poll where it's this can feel like this. Just like this gravitational magnetic pull towards something like something is telling me to, you know, that like, you've we've probably all had this experience where we feel like, you know, something is telling me I should check on this friend. And then you call them and they're like, Wow, I really like I really, like needed to be like checked on or you know, something was going on. And it just, you were like, wow, like, I knew I needed to check on them. But I didn't know why. Because they never told me anything I just knew, right, we all kind of resonate probably, with having that nudge or pull. So that's kind of the four most common ways that our intuition will communicate with us. So now I want to get into how we can tap into our intuition more how we can receive more of these words, these feelings, these images, these signs, these nudges, these pings this clarity more often and strengthen that within us so that we can experience more of that alignment and more of that just like resonance with the greater unfolding of, of life. And so the first thing is obviously practice so practice on you can practice on small things like what to eat for dinner, or if you get your nails done, what color to get your nails done, or which task at work to work on first. It can be you can start small and act on it when that intuitive guidance comes you can build evidence for your mind to trust and to Yes, stop getting in, in the way of following that inner guidance. So practicing is super important. When you do feel like that nudge comes when you do feel like that. Those words or images or signs are coming from your intuition like tune in and listen and can you practice acting on them especially with the small things it's usually a great way to start kind of like building that muscle. The second way to strengthen or tap into your intuition would be to listen. So get still even like right now you can close your eyes, if you want to put your hands on your heart. Take a deep breath. Just tune in. And spend more time in that stillness, spend time alone, create space, say no to things, set boundaries, so you have that space for yourself. And pay attention for signs in your body, pay attention for sudden flashes of clarity or inspiration. And just create that, that space for yourself to tune within. And listen. The third way to tap More into your intuition is to get out of your head and into your body. So oftentimes, like I was saying before, we're so like consumed in any emotional turmoil or mental chatter that we're not really like connected within and our it's like our mind is like off in the future or in the past, but our body's like right here. And there's like this feeling of like, dissonance. And so getting out of our head and into the body can give us that feeling of like, imagine like your body is here and your mind, you know, I don't know, it's often the future worrying about the meeting that you have tomorrow that you're stressed about not prepared for haven't finished preparing for don't know if you have time to prepare for it. Because you need to go home and take care of your kids. But the meeting is tomorrow and you're stressed. And you're thinking about it and you're worrying about it, when am I going to do it, I need to do it, I should do it. But I can't, I don't have time, you know, the whole time. Right. So it's that's when we're we get all up in our head. And it feels like our mind is off in the future with all these projections about what's going to happen, I don't have time the meetings going to be terrible tomorrow, whatever it is. So when we can get back in the body, it's almost like our mind like, withdraws from that obsession over, like what's gonna happen, what needs to get done, and we get out of our head. And it's like, there's this like clicking into place where we're not. We're not mentally trying to be somewhere other than the present moment. And then from that present moment awareness, we really can act with so much more clarity and insight into ways that we can get out of the head and get more into the body is meditation, that is a huge practice I do for myself and with my clients. And I have a meditation app. Actually, if you want to do a free trial, I'm happy to offer you guys on this podcast, two months free. So usually, it's a two week free trial. But I would love to give you give you guys a two month free trial. So if you go to ritual, Ra t u a l You can use the code two months of Zen in all capital letters to get two free months. It's basically just a like a meditation app, a library of meditations if that's something you feel called to you can do movement, like working out, going for a walk, dancing breathwork getting a nature, any practices that really allow you to kind of like quiet and soften that mental chatter be less wrapped up in the mental chatter, where you're it just allows you to have your resistance, and stress and tension go down which naturally elevates your energy. And from that place of that. I don't know just spaciousness and openness and presence within the body. Intuitive impulses and clarity and ideas and inspiration and creativity flow so much more freely. The fourth way we can tap More into our intuition is by releasing emotions trapped in the body. So if you've read the Power of Now, which I highly recommend, it's such an incredible



book but it's what Eckhart Tolle in that book calls the pain body and he is one of the most popular enlightened spiritual teachers, I guess you could say. And basically the pain body is any emotions, negative emotions that were never fully processed or felt when they originally came up, they can get sort of trapped in the body. And it can keep us stuck in unconscious habitual like reactions. It's kind of like, you know, some people like a very common I don't know, pain, body response would be like road rage where someone cuts you off and it like, really riles you up. And you want to like go cut them back off, right? Like we all know someone who has that or maybe we ourselves. Have that that's the pain body, right? Like someone, someone else in that same scenario might be completely unbothered. or to not have that response in their body. And so that's how you know, it's like an unprocessed emotion and those emotions, right, like I said, can keep us stuck in those unconscious reactions, which keep us stuck in the same old patterns and circumstances and experiences. So as we will we learn to release those emotions trapped in the body and feel them and process them. They know we no longer are kind of like, have like drip our life is no longer driven by that like emotional weight, like we're not anxiety isn't making our choices, the heaviness in our chest isn't making our choices, the pit in our stomach isn't like driving all of our choices out of fear. And we actually are freed up to make our choices from a place of clarity and intuition. Instead, rather than from these emotional reactions, you could say, and how many more do I want to share? So I'll share two more. So the next way we can strengthen our intuition is asking your intuition questions, ask for guidance. So you can just set an intention now that you want to receive intuitive guidance, and just over the next few hours over the next few days, over this week, just tune in and listen and notice if anything is coming through, you can do it in that like much less, I don't know, formal flowy way you can also journal to your intuition and you know, ask what any questions intuition? How can I show up as my best self in the meeting? Tomorrow? What do you want me to know today? What do you think about this situation? If it was up to you intuition, what would you do next, like any questions like that any questions that have been coming up in your life with work, anything relationships, health, you can ask her intuition for guidance. And with journaling, you want to be making sure you're breathing and just tuning in listening in to the heart or the gut and seeing what comes through. You can also do a voice memo on your phone. So instead of journaling, if you prefer to talk it out, you can ask questions to your intuition on a voice memo recording. And kind of just like let your intuition respond verbally, rather than writing things out if that resonates more for you. And then the last way that kind of puts all this together is a session that I do with my clients. So in this session, what I help my clients do is communicate directly with their intuition. So in that session, you might receive, like the four different ways where it's a knowing images, or that those nudges. And then the other part of this session is releasing those emotions that are trapped in the body. Because as we as we release those, it just opens up this freedom and lightness and this more clear channel with our intuition and the lighter we feel the more access we have to our intuition. And we just come into greater coherence with ourselves and with our life. And we're able to perform at just such a different, more, more powerful, effective level. So I think that is everything I wanted to share today. If you're interested in booking one of those sessions or learning more, you can go to, it's A r n h o l t. Or if you prefer to book a free alignment call with me if you're interested in working with me and would like to hear more or chat more about it to see if it's a good fit, you can go to to book one of those free calls. But I hope this resonates with you. And I hope this served you and I'm really excited for you to practice some of these tools that you heard today. And I think what I want to leave you with today is that your intuition can be trusted and so I invite you to tune in to listen and to begin seeing where seeing where that leads you seeing what not just come through and seeing what can unfold when you are willing to listen to this place within yourself and trust yourself because it is a gift that we give to that we all have within us. So that is all thank you so much for listening. If you want to connect with me, my website is I am on have Instagram at Madison dot Arnhold AR N H O LT and I also have a podcast called magnetically you if you would like to hear more from me, I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day and thank you so much for spending this time with me today.