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LeSS-Huge Adoption Case Study - James Carpenter + Mitya - Agile Lean Ireland

January 31, 2023 Agile-Lean Ireland Episode 10
Agile-Lean Ireland (ALI) Podcast
LeSS-Huge Adoption Case Study - James Carpenter + Mitya - Agile Lean Ireland
Show Notes

LeSS-Huge Adoption Case Study

Join James Carpenter and his mysterious co-presenter as they present highlights from a LeSS-Huge adoption effort at a large multi-national networking and server hardware company. After a quick walk-through of the case study excerpts, James and Mitya will focus on participant questions inspired by the extensive diagrams available in the pre-read content.

Please skim the case study by reading the following:

  • Synopsis section
  • All figures and associated captions
  • Conclusion section

Colourful information-rich context for the discussions is provided in the many graphics found in the pre-read content. Nuances regarding challenges from executive management changes, clever requirement area boundary definitions, complex engineering challenges, and the political dynamics of a multi-national engineering organization can all be seen in the figures and captions provided in the pre-read content

James Carpenter is a LeSS certified trainer, coach software engineer, and author who grew up on a Texas dairy farm. His coaching is grounded by the many years he spent as a hands-on software engineer and manager, along with a great deal of academic study, and in-the-trenches transformation work. He is focused on large LeSS and LeSS-Huge organizational transformations. His book "Forging Change: Agile Restructuring in Practice" is available in both e-book and print formats from most bookstores including Amazon (

Mitya is an extremely talented senior engineering manager. He has extensive hands-on experience as both a hardware and firmware engineer. He was a pivotal director-level manager involved in the LeSS-Huge adoption being discussed. More concrete and glowing details have been omitted in an effort to protect the anonymity of the end client being discussed.

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