Open Forum in The Villages

7 Car Club Show Jan. 28th 2023

February 17, 2023 Mike Roth & Guests Season 2 Episode 34
Open Forum in The Villages
7 Car Club Show Jan. 28th 2023
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Show Notes

Open Forum in The Villages" is a podcast that covers various events and topics in The Villages. In today's episode, the focus is on the first ever "7 Car Club Joint Show" at Brownwood Town Square. Over 100 cars from different car clubs, including the Mustang Club, Camaro Club, Mini Cooper Club, Miata Club, Antique Car Club, and BMW Z Club, were on display, showcasing beautiful examples of their respective brands and vintage.

With over 1000 spectators and music, the recording may not be of studio quality, but listeners can expect to enjoy conversations with a few car owners. Despite the outdoor setting, the show promises to deliver an exciting experience for all car enthusiasts.

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