Open Forum in The Villages

What Can Hypnosis Do for Villagers Dr. Jamie Feldman, D.C.H.

May 19, 2023 Mike Roth & Dr. Jaime Feldman Season 3 Episode 13
Open Forum in The Villages
What Can Hypnosis Do for Villagers Dr. Jamie Feldman, D.C.H.
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Show Notes

In today's show we talk about Hypnosis.  You will learn about what is can do an what it can not do.  We also talk about how it can help cure cancer and other conditions.

Dr. Feldman is acutely aware that changing behavior patterns can happen more quickly when an individual’s conscious and sub-conscious personalities are aligned and working together. “In hypnotherapy, I communicate with the subconscious, the source of behavior patterns,” says Dr. Feldman, a 20+ year veteran of hypnotherapy who is the creator of a cutting-edge technique called “Advanced Parts Therapy.” The technique is based upon the premise that we are each multi-faceted individuals, with sub-personalities that play out, positively or negatively, when we are called upon to perform different roles and tasks. Our subconscious is protective, and through this mechanism it sets up specific “parts” to deal with trauma or special needs the individual may require. It is the nature of the mind to be subdivided into an indeterminate number of sub-personalities or “parts.” The intention of each “part” is positive or protective for the individual. There are no “bad parts” and the goal of “Advanced Parts Therapy” is not to eliminate any “parts,” but instead to help find “New Positive Roles or behaviors.” He speaks to the subconscious mind, the home of ‘wounded from childhood’ personality facets, which are the source of the behavioral challenge,” advises Dr. Feldman. 

Hypnosis cannot make you do something that you consciously do not want to do. So, for example, if you really don't want to quit smoking - hypnosis smoking therapies probably will not be very successful. But if you want to quit, hypnosis can get your subconscious to quit.

 During hypnosis, a trained professional speaks to your subconscious, which comprises 80 percent of your total mind power and is the area in which all your learned behaviors reside.

 Will power alone is often not enough to deal with a deeply-rooted issue, such as weight loss or a smoking habit. That's because habits and learned behaviors are controlled by the subconscious, while will power is a part of your conscious mind.

 One of the most commonly asked questions about hypnotherapy is whether it works for everyone. While it may sound a bit cliche, the success of your hypnotherapy sessions depends entirely upon you and your willingness to improve your life.

 A common myth about hypnosis is that people do not have control over their thoughts or actions. Just the opposite is true though. In some instances, during a hypnotic state a person can have even more control over their thoughts and actions than if they were awake.

 While some fear hypnosis will make them do things they don't want to do, you remain in control.

 Thanks to movies and television shows, there's a misconception that you're not in control of your body while undergoing hypnosis. The reality is that most patients are aware of their surroundings during their trance.

 Hypnosis is able to work because the mind becomes highly susceptible to new ideas and suggestions during the hypnotic state. This is why the ideas introduced by the hypnotherapist are so often embraced.

 Hypnotherapy has been able to improve Golf and Pickleball. performance.

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