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T with Spirit

Josie amoni H

Josie amoni H has been a transponder & channel of Spirit for over 20 years. Their ancestral lines have shared much guidance on how to traverse the unseen worlds and connections we, as humans, are most capable of. Enjoy some T with Spirit, where in every episode, Josie channels with their spirit counsel and ancients, who wish to share messages in a thread through episodes to be explored as you wish. Messages are shared in sound, words, and an interweaving between things to support further connections of you and yours. Allow yourself to sip your brew and enjoy this Loving from those that support us all ways. ***CONTENT WARNING*** Direct channelings are transmissions of energy and word and sound that are recommended NOT to listen to while driving, or operating heavy machinery. Please allow yourself when energy practices are shared, or channeling begins, to pause and wait until you have space to ground and Be.*** ((Connect with Josie via the links provided here: https://linktr.ee/josieamonih ))