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The Story of My Pet

Julie Marty-Pearson

Are you a Pet Parent? Then The Story of My Pet Podcast is for you! Come along as Fur Moms and Fur Dads from around the world tell the stories of their believed fur babies, from rescue dogs to foster kittens, street cats to wild horses, and everywhere in between. This show shares heart-to-heart conversations about pet stories collected from amazing pet parents, animal supporters and rescue advocates. Learn about animal adoption, fostering, and rescue. Along with powerful discussions about animal welfare topics, you will learn how to get involved in your local animal community and help animals in need.

Your host, Julie Marty-Pearson is a dedicated Fur Mom, lifelong animal lover, pet enthusiast, and all around animal advocate. She works as an Offsite Adoption Coordinator at her local county animal shelter, is a kitten foster mom, and occasional pet sitter. Julie has her doctorate in Organizational Psychology and runs her own personal coaching business known as the Pet Parent Coach. As a coach, she helps Fur Moms overcome stress, quiet their negative inner voice, and work towards improved mental health and wellness. Julie started this podcast to share the stories of her own pets, past and present. Now she is sharing your stories, too.

The bond between humans and animals is immeasurable. That bond makes pet parents like you the best animal advocates. Whether you rescued your precious pet or found them a local animal shelter, the journey to your fur babies is often unexpected, but you always find the pets you are meant to have. Who rescued who, right? Whether you have human kids or not, pets are your chosen kids. You love them as members of your family and will do anything for them. 

This show advocates and educates to ensure more animals are saved. Each episode features an animal rescue group, shelter, and/or nonprofit organization focused on saving animals in need. Get ready to be inspired by incredible animal rescuers, shelter workers, trappers, trainers, and volunteers. You may be surprised about the reality of animal welfare in the world. That shock may lead to action: volunteering in animal shelters, becoming a pet foster parent, or even starting your own rescue group! Animal advocates on this show all share the same passion; To save as many animals as they can. 

Sometimes the most difficult part of the story of our pets is the end. This show also shares difficult discussions about pet loss. While your bond lasts well beyond the physical lifespan of your fur babies, sharing stories about your pet’s passing can help with processing your grief and loss. Heartfelt discussions about assisting fur babies through illness and injury is never easy; but sharing stories can help other pet parents make informed decisions and improve the lives of other pets. Connecting with other pet parents through this show builds community and collaboration and will help you to be the best pet parent possible. 

If you are looking for a community, come join our free Facebook support group for pet parents! A Fur Mom membership community is also starting soon. Connect with Julie on social media to follow daily updates from the animal community. I hope you will join us on this fun journey to share our fur babies’ stories and help save animals in need in your community!