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Mohamed Saleh

My name is Mohamed Saleh, I am a clinical assistant professor of Medicine and an oncology hospitalist at the Ohio State University, James Cancer Center at the United States of America. I am a medical graduate of the Cairo University – Faculty of Medicine, class 2015. Fadi Shwaya is a monthly Podcast where I interview doctors from our generation, late millennial, who graduated medical schools in Egypt and sought careers overseas. Since the time of our graduation, people have taken different routes; different in geography (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Maldives etc.), different in career pathways etc. In each episode, we will dive into a unique experience and unfold its chapters. Doing this podcast, I have 2 goals. By sharing these experiences, I aim to enlighten and open the horizon for younger generations of doctors who are planning their careers. Also, I want to reconnect with friends and colleagues to see how far people reached; I’m truly curious to know how amazing our people are doing!