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The Inkwell in China

December 24, 2022 Dr. Ryan Thorpe Episode 9
Jane Nicola Soundvibe
The Inkwell in China
Jane Nicola Soundvibe
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Show Notes

In this podcast, I speak with Dr. Ryan Thorpe from a quaint  teahouse in Shanghai. Thorpe shares what bought him to China and how he founded the Inkwell, a literary collective that holds creative writing workshops in China. In addition to this Thorpe  is the director of the writing program at the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute and he also teaches humanities and writing courses. Thorpe has a dual focus PhD from Oklahoma State University in creative writing and TESOL, he has  written columns for The Global Times, China Daily, and Sixth Tone, and has published in numerous literary journals. His first scholarly book, Teaching Second Language Creative Writing was published in December of 2021, Routledge. His two fantasy novels, The Willows and Arcadian Midnight from Aethon Books are due out in 2022.

Find out about the Inkwell: https://inkwell.asia/inkwell-shanghai
Find out about Dr. Ryan Thorpe: https://shanghaiwriting.com

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