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My Winter Muse - Jane Nicola Douglas

January 21, 2023 Jane Nicola Episode 11
Jane Nicola Soundvibe
My Winter Muse - Jane Nicola Douglas
Jane Nicola Soundvibe
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Show Notes

In this podcast,  Jane Nicola discusses the deeper meaning behind four songs from two different albums. Jane Nicola is a Soul-Folk Artist (UK) and the Producer of The Jane Nicola Soundvibe show (founded May 2022) and is currently based in Shanghai, China. She has lived in the countries of the UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. Her 6th independently released album 'Railtrack’ (2018)  produced by Graeme Holdaway was recorded at Sky Production studios in Hong Kong. Jane Nicola initially began songwriting as a young child, performing at local events in the Southwest of the UK,  she recorded her first album "Stacey J. Douglas" in London (1996). Later Jane Nicola moved to Asia and she continued to record her work in Singapore and Hong Kong. Jane Nicola undertook a Popular Music Degree at Middlesex University (London), followed by a Masters Degree  in Music Therapy (Cambridge). Initially trained as a classical guitarist by Pat Benham, she later began to delve into compositional and improvisational styles, as well as exploring both singing and song-writing.  "The microphone is her confessor!" Trad. Music Mag.

Songs include:

Slybird - Railtrack album. Produced by Graeme Holdaway.
Tin soldierRailtrack album. Produced by Graeme Holdaway.
Sealskin - Railtrack Album. By Jane Nicola, Produced by Graeme Holdaway.
Connections - From China album. By Jane Nicola, Produced by Lion Studios.

Special thanks to Sky Production Studios - Hong Kong.

Listen to Jane Nicola on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3mbUmPPlrHOcjkkQrRc14k?si=SfTiQs_rTBS9fv_3vB_0eg

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Special thanks - Graeme Holdaway, Sky Production Studios (Hong Kong)
Music  - Jane Nicola Douglas 
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