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Remo Notarianni - A writer and filmmaker

November 27, 2023
Jane Nicola Soundvibe
Remo Notarianni - A writer and filmmaker
Jane Nicola Soundvibe
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Show Notes

Remo Notarianni is a British writer and filmmaker.  Earlier this year, he won international awards for his documentary The Orphanage for records, featuring record collector Paul Au, who escaped from Vietnam to live in Hong Kong in 1975. Remo has worked on several independent films and published fiction. He has also written widely for Time out and South China Morning post.

Remo's film making channel: https://www.youtube.com/@yinogo1

The Orphanage for Records film: https://youtu.be/JFf6BH2RSCo?si=pzx-PlugUZH1bv0V

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