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The Disobedient Business® Podcast

The Disobedient Business Co.

Hosted by Disobedient Business® Coach Pippa Parfait, and somewhat more Obedient Tech & Systems Strategist, Lucy Parfait, this podcast will help you find ways to escape the boring AF business BS, lead with integrity, fuck some business shit up and make money doing it. Join us as we dig into all the parts of running a service-based business, from Marketing and HR to Tech Support to Operations. We’ll take a look at what the conventional wisdom would like you to do (AKA usually some shady shit) and help you to find the disobedient ways to do it better (AKA with a sack ton of integrity and a big old middle finger up to the status quo). Looking for more? You can find us on Instagram at @disobedientbusinessco and at