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Counsel From Above

Nathan Honeycutt, LPC

Welcome to "Counsel from Above" podcast. This is a place to ask questions concerning mental health, relationships, parenting, and the like and receive an answer based on God's word and the current mental health research. I am the host Nathan Honeycutt, Licensed Professional Counselor and minister of the church of Christ. We will explore together the intersection of the Bible and mental health to help bring some of God's answers to light in this dark world. God has provided the answers we just have to know where to look. This podcast is a question and answer-based program. I need your questions to help guide the discussion. You can send your questions to You will receive confirmation of your question and a date to be listening for the answer. I will gather guests along the way that can help provide further answers to questions that are sent. You can find the podcast on your favorite podcasting platform. Join together on this journey as we allow the Great Counselor to provide us "Counsel from Above."