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Opening Up about Financial Infidelity - Dr. Billy Hensley

July 26, 2022 Brian Page Season 1 Episode 2
Modern Husbands Podcast
Opening Up about Financial Infidelity - Dr. Billy Hensley
Show Notes

Nearly half of married Americans commit financial infidelity – being deceitful with money. We hosted Dr. Hensley to discuss financial infidelity, the consequences, how to spot it, and how to talk about it with your partner. Dr. Billy J. Hensley joined us to discuss financial infidelity.

Show notes:
0:00-1:50 Introduction
1:51-7:55 The importance of understanding financial infidelity 
7:56-8:13 Modern Husbands Ad
8:28-9:26 Dr. Hensley’s definition of financial infidelity 
9:27-11:36 How common is financial infidelity?
12:30-14:37 Common signs your partner is committing financial infidelity 
14:38-18:18 Reasons people commit financial infidelity
18:19-21:28 Is there a method to managing money where partners still have freedom? 
→ find out what works best for your relationship 
21:29-24:15 Effects of financial infidelity on relationships 
24:16-29:30 How do you approach your partner if you think they’re committing financial infidelity? 
29:31-31:51 How can you work with your partner to rebuild trust after financial infidelity occurs?
31:52-32:51 Conclusion

Dr. Hensley is president and CEO of the National Endowment for Financial Education®. Under Hensley’s leadership, NEFE’s research agenda has driven the national dialogue about financial education, including one study ranked in the top 5 percent of the Social Science Research Index. Dr. Hensley also serves on the CNBC Financial Wellness Council. 

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