Mother, Unrefined

Episode 14: Emotional Wellbeing with Ami Rankin - Getting our sparkle back!

September 12, 2022 Nicola Jess
Mother, Unrefined
Episode 14: Emotional Wellbeing with Ami Rankin - Getting our sparkle back!
Show Notes

Today's episode is an honest chat with Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Ami Rankin. We discuss everything from our expectations, to resentments, guilt and short fuses and Ami provides some actionable take-aways to help us cope. This episode is a must listen for all mums and women and we hope it helps you as much as it has helped us! 

Trigger warning: Ami discusses her personal experience with postnatal depression,  postnatal anxiety and postnatal depletion. 

Welcome to another episode of Mother, Unrefined! If you're new around here the aim of this podcast is to make every woman feel less alone on her journey to and through motherhood (however that may look).
 DISCLAIMER: we won't be watching our language so be mindful around little ones.
 Episode breakdown:

·       Feeling flat today – Nicola going through weaning and Jess is solo parenting for three weeks and it didn’t get off to a good start. 

·       Falling over and turning up to restaurants a month early!

·       Interviewed Ami Ranking – an emotional intelligence and wellbeing coach – helping us to get our sparkle back!

·       Going from 1 – 2 kids and dealing with the adjustments of a newborn with a toddler.

·       How Ami coped and worked through postnatal anxiety and depression

·       The HALT theory (hungry, angry, lonely, tired)

·       Expectations with ourselves, our partners, friends and kids

·       How expectations can lead to resentment

·       Prioritising honest conversations with our partners and sharing our expectations

·       Guilt and short fuses with our kids. How we expect our kids to keep their emotions in check when we can’t do it all the time.

·       Everyone’s fav episode with Mandy from Raise Toddlers making another appearance 😉

·       Guilt towards having a second baby and some thoughts Ami had on that

·       Toxic diet culture and how Ami changed her mind set and how she deals with the ups and downs of societal pressures and personal pressures 

·       Realistic routines to kick off your day

·       Sensory overload and overstimulation – finding your trigger point


Ami’s podcast – The Nourishing Ami Podcast 

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