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North Somerset Partnership Podcast


I am David Moss and I lead one of two partnerships bringing together local authority, charities, residents and NHS partners in North Somerset. Our formed Partnerships want to work with our communities to understand what is important to them and improve how services work together around people. I will be sitting down with the amazing, driven and passionate people who work in services across North Somerset who keep people well, and support people when they face problems, responding when they become unwell.In our discussions we will explore: - - A little bit about who the staff are working in local services - How they came to end up working where they do- What motivates them- What they find rewarding, or - the challenges they are facing both personally and collectively. - What does it feel like to work where they work. In meeting the people and personalities who design and deliver our welling and health services, we hope; to create connections, bring new thinking, create a curiosity, develop a network of people who understand each other better, and support staff to join up their services. A podcast brought to you by staff, for staff working to keep people well and healthy  So if you want to know more about who is out there supporting the people you work with and why please do subscribe today.