Lotus Me Bloom

Intro: Welcome to My Podcast

June 29, 2022 Madyson Ancell Season 1 Episode 1
Lotus Me Bloom
Intro: Welcome to My Podcast
Show Notes

This is my very first episode so I'm calling it the introduction of who I am and what to expect with this podcast. This was recorded months prior to uploading so there's been some changes.. I am now a reiki master and graduated from clairvoyant mastery. Oh.. and my name is Madyson Ancell. I am 24 and a libra. I have been on a spiritual journey for the last 4 years. I have always strived to be the best version of myself and so I have always been into self development. I have learned a lot of things over the years and sometimes the hard way. This podcast is all about my life. It will be under an umbrella of spirituality and self development but it also may be just me chatting and sharing what I have been going through. I just want everyone to feel comfortable and like they have a friend cheering them on. My intention for this podcast is to express myself freely and it be very laid back.. so expect to laugh and hear some colorful language lol. I would love if you guys would share this podcast and leave a review!!

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Lotus Me Bloom is also my business's name. I make/sell intention setting candles and sell crystals. All of my information will be down below. If you want to check out the things I make I will leave my website here: https://lotusmebloom.com

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