Lotus Me Bloom

What is manifestation & why it might not be working for you

July 31, 2022 Madyson Ancell Episode 3
Lotus Me Bloom
What is manifestation & why it might not be working for you
Show Notes

In today's episode I talk ALL about manifestation!! I am going to give you the juiciest and most helpful information on how manifestation works and DEBUNKING all the misinformation out there on manifestation. I know manifesting is super popular now and there's just so much misinformation on how it actually works and how to actually live your best life. There's literally so much that goes into manifesting and I hit the main points.
I talk about the laws of the universe- law of attraction, law of vibration & law of inspired action. I talk about all the TOOLS you can use to manifest like scripting  etc. I talk about HOW to manifest and the steps to take to get what you want! I talk about limiting beliefs and why things might not be manifesting for you. I touch on how your beliefs create your reality and how manifestation can lead you on a beautiful healing journey that not everyone wants to do. So if you are curious about manifestation and want to know how to works or you already are manifesting but can't figure out why it's not working THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!!

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