Lotus Me Bloom

Why Self Love is Important & How to Honor Yourself

August 03, 2022 Madyson Ancell Episode 4
Lotus Me Bloom
Why Self Love is Important & How to Honor Yourself
Show Notes

This episode is all about self love and why it is important!! I talk about my own personal journey and how I was able to love myself! I talk about how self love is the core to what manifests into our reality. I also give you tips and advice on how you can start loving yourself. It is not an easy journey and I know it is easier said than done but it is possible for you! You are always worthy regardless of how people have treated you.. never doubt that. I love you and am proud of you for evening listening and taking the steps to fill your cup up first. We are in this together! If you struggle with putting yourself first and being selfish and find it hard to be alone this episode is for you. 

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