Lotus Me Bloom

Full Moons & Dreams

August 11, 2022 Madyson Ancell Episode 5
Lotus Me Bloom
Full Moons & Dreams
Show Notes

Today's episode is coming out on the Aquarius full moon so perfect timing. This episode is ALL about full moons. What they are known for and how they can effect us. I talk about dreams and how they can get pretty vivid around full moons and how they can help us release and heal. The full moons tend to be a great time to release and let go! So I talk about how the full moon is effecting me this week and also how to release and harness this energy. I also talk about moon water and charging your crystals. Self care is key if you are going through a tough time.. If you are interested on how to work with full moon energy or you may be having crazy dreams.. this episode is for you! 

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