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The Biodiversity Podcast

Zoe Atlagic, Boncho Kostadinov, Green Academy

Welcome to this series of thematic podcasts on Biodiversity.
Each episode focuses on a different area of supporting Biodiversity.
The primary objective of the podcast is to be a microlearning tool for gardners, landscapers and Biodiversity enthusiasts. 
The episode length is optimal for addressing  neurodiversity needs and can therefore be enjoyed while you're on the move. 
This podcast is intended not only for landscaping professionals, but everyone curious on the topic of Biodiversity.

Zoe Atlagic is the podcast host. She has a background in various botanical knowledge and landscape aesthetics, 
Zoe is also a botany teacher at Green Academy Denmark. Green Academy is a vocational school that offers a wide variety of educations branches in the botanical field.

Zoe talks about various aspects of Biodiversity and how to implement them.  

This podcast is a part of the intellectual output of the EPLUG project.