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AMP Up Autism (Autism Mom Professional)

Tabitha Wilson

A.M.P Up Autism is a new podcast about autism by author Tabitha Wilson, an Autism Mom Professional, who is a seasoned registered dietitian and physician assistant. Her goal is to “Open Eyes and Change Lives” around the world regarding autism. She integrates her wealth of knowledge from her clinical experience with her personal heartfelt journey as an autism mom. This podcast will cover various topics regarding nutrition, medicine, the education and hospital system, abuse, residential schools, and more… Her rich experience has paved a path allowing her the opportunity to share with listeners valuable life-changing information. Tabitha is constantly updating her continuing medical and nutrition education to stay abreast with the latest updates and topics related to autism. If you have a question or a topic that you would like to be addressed, please send Tabitha a message directly To learn more about Tabitha, *Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely that of the presenter and are not associated with the views and opinions of others. The presenter assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. The information contained in this podcast provides no guarantees of completeness or accuracy in every individualized situation. Please note the presenter in this podcast is only providing information and not providing official medical or nutritional advice. Please consult with your healthcare provider as the presenter assumes no liability.