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Episode 13. Working From Home While Sick

November 06, 2022 Jacek Olender Season 1 Episode 13
PoLoop Angielski
Episode 13. Working From Home While Sick
Show Notes

We've got autumn. A colder weather has settled in, so it is time to revise some expressions about illnesses and their symptoms, but doing it out of context would be dead boring, so listen to what a recent study says about the link between working from home and taking time off work because of sickness.

Expressions about illness and its symptoms:

  •  to feel under the weather / to feel off colour (When you feel under the weather or off colour, you feel slightly ill.) PL: czuć się kiepsko
  • a sore throat (When you have a sore throat, you feel pain your throat) PL: bolące gardło
  • a splitting headache (a very strong headache) PL: straszny bbl głowy
  • to come down with a cold (When you are coming down with a cold, you start to feel symptoms of an illness that is not serious.)  PL: zachorować na coś
  • to take a sick day / to call in sick / to phone in sick (When you take a sick day you don't go to work because you are ill.) PL: wziąć zwolnienie z pracy ze względu na chorobę
  • a sick note (a document from a doctor confirming that you can't work because you are ill.) PL: zwolnienie lekarskie
  • to sniffle / to have the sniffles (to have a cold) PL: być przeziębionym
  • cough (one of the symptoms of a cold, when you force out air suddenly and noisily through your throat) PL: kaszel
  • to feel dizzy (If you feel dizzy, you feel that you are losing your balance and are about to fall.) PL: mieć zawroty głowy
  • to pass out (If you pass out, you faint or collapse.) PL: stracić przytomność, zemdleć

Other words and expressions you might want to learn:

  • to face a dilemma (When you face a dilemma, you need to choose one of two options.) PL: stanąć przed dylematem
  • in the good old days  (at the time when you things were better than now) PL: w dawnych lepszych czasach
  • a no-brainer  (a problem that is easy to solve) PL: jasna sprawa; prosty problem do rozwiązania
  • to binge on something  (When you binge on something you use too much of it.) PL: robić coś nieustannie, bez przerwy, na okrągło
  • to expose someone to something (to put someone in a situation where they are not protected from something harmful or unpleasant); PL: wystawiać kogoś na coś szkodliwego
  • wrapped (up) in a blanket (covered with a blanket); PL: owinięty kocem
  • countless Zoom meetings (too many Zoom meetings to be counted); PL: niezliczone spotkania na Zoomie
  • to raise the bar (to set a new, higher standard for something); PL: podwyższyć poprzeczkę
  • to be out of the game (to no longer have a chance of succeeding in something)  PL: wypaść z gry
  • a bit of common sense (a small amant of ability to think about things in a practical way and make sensible decisions) PL: odrobina zdrowego rozsądku

Link to the article this podcast is based on: It is becoming harder to take off a sick day (The Economist - 13 October 2022)

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