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Episode 15. Inflation Collocations

November 20, 2022 Jacek Olender Season 1 Episode 15
PoLoop Angielski
Episode 15. Inflation Collocations
Show Notes

Inflation  is one of the words that we can often hear these days. In this episode I'm looking at many collections with the word inflation, and share some insights how these collocations are influenced by the way we see inflation as a violent criminal, an illness, something that is out of control, and something that moves.

Inflation is a PERSON:

  •  Our biggest ENEMY right now is inflation.
  • Inflation could ROB many people OF their savings.
  • The Turkish currency is being DESTROYED by inflation.
  • Inflation has PINNED us TO the wall.  (If you pin someone to the wall you press them against the wall so they are unable to move).
  • Inflation has ATTACKED the foundation of our economy.
  • Inflation has OUTWITTED the best economic minds in the world.  (If you outwit someone, you defeat them or gain advantage over them because you are smarter than them.)
  • Inflation is EATING UP our profits.
  • Inflation can ATTACK us, HURT us, STEAL from us.
  • We FIGTH, BEAT inflation, PROTECT people FROM inflation.
  • the BATTLE AGAINST inflation / the FIGHT AGAINST inflation

Inflation is an ILLNESS:

  •  a BOUT of inflation (A bout is a an attack or period of illness) PL: atak

Inflation is something OUT OF CONTROL:

  •  a GALLOPING inflation 
  • a RUNAWAY inflation (A runaway car or horse is not under the control of its driver or rider.) PL: niekontrolowana inflacja
  • a RAGING inflation (A raging storm or a raging emotion can't be controlled.)
  • to KEEP inflation IN CHECK (to keep something under control so that it doesn't spread or get worse.) PL: hamować, powstrzymywać inflację
  • to CURB inflation (When you curb something, you limit it because it's bad.) PL: ograniczać / hamować inflację

Inflation is MOVING:

  •  Inflation can RISE / SOAR / REACH a certain level
  • Inflation can FALL/DROP
  • Inflation can ACCELERATE
  • Wages can't KEEP PACE WITH / KEEP UP WITH / OUTPACE inflation.
  • a SPIRALLING INFLATION (inflation that is rising very quickly) PL:  inflcja wzrastająca w szybkim tempie

Other inflation phrases:

  • (about inflation) to PLATEAU OUT  (to stay at a steady level after a period of rising) PL: ustabilizować się
  • to FUEL inflation (to make the inflation worse) PL: napędzać inflację

Other words and expressions used in this episode:

  • a bunch of something  (a large amount of something or a large number of something) PL: mnóstwo czegoś
  • a thug  (a violent person, especially criminal) PL: zbir, oprych, łobuz
  • an adversary  (an opponent, a person that somebody is opposed to and competing with an argument or a battle) PL: przeciwnik, adwersarz

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