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Dr. bird's eye view

Dr. Bernadette "bird" Bowen

Do you live in a nation that has disinformed citizens since it’s start? Dr. bird’s eye view is a short podcast series where Dr. Bernadette “bird” Bowen discusses how people have been and continue to be miseducated, causing us to hurt ourselves (and each other) in confusion. She explores how dominant ideas of who and what is “normal” have always been narrow and harmful. You don’t have to have any degrees to do what they do. Everyone has a perspective to tell that can enhance and/or reveal our understanding of the world. On one hand, more people have started righteously challenging the many inequities that (mostly) old dead White cismen deliberately built into foundations as features. To this day, their founding logics and practices poison our livelihoods. On the other, we have gained skepticism and lost significant faith in "expert" knowledge and recommendations, instead favoring the most charismatic sounding — anybody — found online. Everything is connected. We only know what we know. Anything becomes normal in repetition.